Video: Why Do We Work at Encore? Youngha & Alex

Listen to Youngha and Alex speak about the benefits to them and their career since working at Encore. Find out about their career path, and how Encore offers a flexible and supportive team environment for them.


Youngha: One of the key things that I learned when I was in college was it doesn’t really matter what you do right out of the gate, it’s about who you surround yourself with. And I know that Encore was a company that had that with all the people and kind of the people that I knew already at the company. So I knew if I trusted them and put my faith in their leadership, they would guide me towards a bright future and give me a lot of opportunities to challenge myself and also grow professionally.

Alex: My degree at the University of Washington was in Information Systems, so I definitely had an interest in software and how software solutions can help organizations in our area and across the world. And I guess I wasn’t really looking for Encore, but Encore found me and when I heard about the organization, I was intrigued really about the people and about the work that Encore did. And that’s what lead me to apply. And through that process is when I really felt like Encore was going to be a good fit for me.

Youngha: What I’ve learned so far in this time I’ve been here is that they’re really more about who you are and what you’re about and how you contribute to our company and our culture. So my experience here has been nothing shy of fulfilling and exciting, to say the least. While every day I work here is something different, I enjoy the people I work with and the work that I do.

Alex: Just being able to, you know, immediately start going into big meetings and collaborating on important projects felt like, to me…it enabled me to ramp up my growth, my personal growth, professionally. I’ve had endless opportunities to join in on courses and other certifications to continue that education and feel like I’m not falling behind on the world around me, but I’m really growing and advancing, not just for my position here at Encore, but for any future opportunities that come my way.

Youngha: We’re not a 9:00 to 5:00. You know, you’re responsible for your own calendar. If you want to go for a month somewhere across the States but you can still do your job, you know, nothing is stopping you as long as you get all your work done. My voice is heard and I don’t feel like I’m overstepping any boundaries or anything like that because they really count on me to expand my knowledge to them so that they can use it for our best Encore consultants and the services that we provide.

Alex: Even as a young professional, I feel like my voice is heard, whether it’s, you know, thinking about internal strategy or how to approach a situation with a client or with a partner of ours. And so in my whole time from day one on, I feel like I can really speak my mind and really contribute what I’m thinking and what I have to say, regardless of the scenario. Even though my team is spread out over a couple different cities, I really feel like I’ve gotten to know everybody really well and, you know, obviously, the technology that we have today makes it easy, but not just working through Skype or other video sessions, but also getting together every once in a while. Encore has really made a point to get teams together, you know, in person so you can really get to know each other and really build that trust.

Youngha: Be a sponge. Being able to soak in all that knowledge and everything going around you and to reapply that after your three to six months is key. Keep that in mind. Don’t be afraid to fail. Like I said, when you have kind of that confidence and trust from your peers, you should be pushed more to do that. And overall, it makes you better and makes the company better and grow together.

Alex: I would definitely recommend just giving it a shot, just applying, seeing what happens. Maybe you don’t fit the description perfectly or maybe you’re missing a skill or two, but you know, in my time, I’ve found I came in lacking a number of skills and I was able to quickly pick those up just by being given responsibilities and being trusted that I was a competent person and that I could get the job done if I put my mind to it. And they molded the role around me so that I could be successful and so I could have as big of an impact as I possibly could.

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