[Webinar] Presenting Introhive: Relationship Data Science Inside Your CRM!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users: Join us on October 20th to see for yourself how Introhive super-charges your CRM!

If you have a CRM system, you’re well aware of the challenges that you and your company have in keeping it up to date. You also know that it can be difficult to extract genuinely useful insights from your CRM.

As Western Canada’s largest Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, Encore knows these challenges all too well; and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Introhive.

By harnessing Introhive’s abilities inside of our Dynamics CRM Implementations, Encore is able to:

  • Save your CRM users more than five hours every week on data entry,
  • Ensure your CRM system is always up to date with complete data, and
  • Propel your sales activities with relationship insights and warm introductions.

On October 20th, we’re inviting you to see for yourself how Introhive’s data automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes your workday less stressful, while delivering relationship insights that are guaranteed to make your sales activities easier.

See you there!

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