What Does a Modern Inhouse Payroll Solution Look Like? (Video)

Thinking of migrating from Dynamics GP to a Cloud offering, have already migrated, or simply need a modern Payroll and Human Capital Management system for your evolving needs? Watch this recorded webinar for a quick look at the Greenshades Payroll & HCM platform.

Learn what a cloud based Payroll Platform should look like and what tools you may be currently missing out on such as: integrated payroll tax management, a complete HCM core, easy third party add-ons, unlimited deduction codes, customized processing periods, single click tax filing, and more.

Transcript below:

Melissa: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us today. Today we’ve got John here from Greenshades to talk about What Does a Modern In-house Payroll Solution Look Like? So, I’ll throw it over to you, John.

John: Thank you very much, Melissa. I appreciate the intro. Good morning to everyone. Thank you for joining the webinar today. I know we’re October getting into November. It’s a busy time so I appreciate everyone taking some time out learning potentially some things about Greenshades and specifically about our modern unified payroll and HR platform. Specifically excited to be joining up with Encore Business Solutions. We’ve actually been partners together going back to the, I guess, kind of early mid-aughts. And we are very fortunate to be working together hand-in-hand with a few dozen shared clients.

We have been providing technology solutions at Greenshades within the dynamics ecosystem for a few decades now. So, really, the purpose today is to introduce our platform with the modern functionality, the modern workflows to those in the community, who really haven’t had that chance to learn about it just yet. As far as the agenda today, do some quick introductions on Greenshades also myself. From there, we’ll cover the cornerstones of our modern payroll and HR platform, why you should trust Greenshades for payroll and HR. And then we’ll go into, you know, some more of the details about the platform, what we can deliver and how you can benefit from our unified payroll and HR platform moving forward as well.

I do actually have a few legal notes right off the bat. You know, generally, we’re providing some pretty high-level insights and guidance. So, of course, please don’t construe what we’re discussing today as legal advice. As always, when it comes to the topics of compliance, of human resources, you know, check with your legal counsel, check with your accounting group. On top of that, though, we actually do have a partnership with a provider called My HR Counsel. They provide HR and legal advice. So, you know, if you’re interested in, you know, leveraging their expertise, having an additional sounding board, you know, running kind of a unique situation by some folks that, you know, might have some know-how, just let us know, and we can get you in touch with the folks over there.

My name is John Osberger. I’m an Account Executive here at Greenshades. As mentioned, Encore has been an extremely valued partner of ours at Greenshades over the years, and I have the opportunity to manage that relationship, support them, support their clients as well. I’ve been with Greenshades for just under two years. So I kind of came into the thick of things around year-end form time in January 2020. Outside of that, I do have a pretty diverse background with business software and technology sales.

Previously, I’ve helped clients in the areas of networking, security, unified communications, and collaboration, analytics, FinTech. And before that, in a previous life, as I like to put it, I was in retail sales and operations management. So, for the folks who have some familiarity with some of the names that are at the bottom, you know, I was in the State Capitol, I was in a College Town. So, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some, you know, pretty notable folks over the years. I know that the name Steve Spurrier may not, you know, mean a lot in Canada, you know, American college football coach, but, you know, if it wasn’t for Steve Spurrier, Jesse Palmer, you know, fellow Canadian, probably would not be where he is today. But, anyway. So, a little bit about Greenshades, at Greenshades, you know, our focus is on providing solutions for companies that process payroll in-house so that their payroll and HR processes are as efficient and as compliant as possible. I know there’s some folks listening in that are familiar with Greenshades, but for those who are not, you know, we’ve been doing this since the early 2000s.

Our 4,000 plus clients today rely on us to be proactively keeping pace with regulatory changes, you know, from the federal to the state, down to the local levels. And our experience our expertise over the years has culminated into our flagship offering today. The Greenshades unified payroll and HR platform, which will be going into full detail and sharing a bit about how it’s, you know, modern functionality, modern workflows can help organizations of all size and scope.

All right, as far as the cornerstone of that platform, there’s a few pillars to it and, you know, really lends itself to kind of a modern experience and why you can actually trust Greenshades, you know, with confidence when it comes to managing payroll and HR. First off the bat is a simple, common-sense interface that just makes sense for all of our clients as a company, whether you’re currently dealing with an embedded payroll module that just hasn’t kept pace with how people work today, or you’re considering moving payroll back in-house and just want to ensure it’s easily adopted, not only at the admin but also at the employee level, Greenshades is gonna have you covered with this platform.

And even though we are an in-house platform, we are a cloud offering. It’s hosted, it’s web-based. So, that means you as a payroll or HR admin, and your employees can both benefit from a payroll and HR solution that is gonna be accessible anywhere, which obviously today is extremely important, as more and more people work remotely, work from home. On top of that, you know, that overall browser-based portal experience is just consistent with how people use technology today, whether it’s professionally, whether it’s personally, people are just used to that browser experience. Plus, on top of that, obviously, just with any hosted cloud-based offering, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of auto-updates and regular enhancements of features and functionality. So whenever there is a new offering, that’s gonna be available in the platform, once it’s released as an example. I don’t know if anyone here has seen a recent press release from us, we just recently announced that we’re going to be introducing some enhanced functionality around tracking and managing certifications, licenses, vaccination status.

So, once that’s available, you don’t have to worry about updating on-premise software, it’s gonna be made available to you as an end-user. And then this is always a good time of the year to point out the fact that, you know, we are handling all those tax updates for you on the back end just throughout the year, you don’t have to worry about the year-end process and allocating time and resources, you know for that as well. Additionally, we are ERP-agnostic, which is extremely important. Because the amount of cloud-based, you know, ERP options that are out there is constantly growing. Obviously, there’s offerings for Microsoft, and they are tracking to kind of be that norm for ERPs as opposed to on-premise software. So, you know, whether you’re happily, you know, locked in your current ERP or accounting package for the long term, you know, if you’re considering making a change, you can be confident that Greenshades can be future proof, and will continue to be a valuable partner for you and your payroll processes.

And also, very important, we are a unified solution, a unified experience that can support not only the payroll and HR teams, but also drive some employee self-service and engagement. So you can rely on a single destination, a single platform, just to help with, you know, streamline management just to make a more enjoyable experience from the admin down to the employee level.

Also, you know, compliance is at the core of what we do with the platform, it’s at the core of all the solutions that we provide. You know, our clients need to trust Geeenshades that we’re gonna kind of, you know, have their back, when it comes to compliance again, from the federal down at the local level. Last but not least, part of a modern experience is making sure that you are providing a high level of support. Our clients trust Greenshades, we have extremely high NPS customer feedback scores within the industry. And a lot of that is gonna be based on the exceptional customer support we provide.

All right, so at this point, kind of cover the high level, you know, bullet points, I’m gonna, you know, walk you through, you know, some of the more detailed information about the platform, how we’re delivering on these concepts. First and foremost, we are providing a simplified process, you know, when you approach payroll and HR, we wanna do so in introducing modern workflows in that, you know, simple experience. So, the interface itself, it’s not only logical, common sense from day one, but the layout, the functionality is gonna be consistent throughout the process.

So, we’re gonna help not only that seasoned payroll pro run payroll a lot more efficiently, we can also eliminate that learning curve for those that are just starting out or the staff that’s now responsible after bringing payroll back inhouse. Very important to provide a simple process, because we are seeing a lot of our clients have, you know, smaller staff when it comes to payroll and HR. So, you know, there are folks more so now than ever, that are involved with payroll, whether it’s as a kind of regular hands-on assistance or as a backup that just don’t have that payroll experience, maybe they’re coming from the HR side of the house or another department. So we wanna provide a kind of a nice, logical, you know, workflow and experience for those folks. So, there also is a step-by-step wizard, it’s gonna walk you through the process to ensure that nothing is missed. And, on top of that, you know, at any point in the process, you can go back, you know, make any sort of adjustments, additions, changes, and save yourself from having to scrap the pay run over and start from scratch all over again. And really underneath the process, helping to automate that workflow is gonna be the persistent and robust employee self-service.

So, as employees are onboarded, as they change benefit elections, you know, clock in, clock out, submit their timesheets, have those approved by managers, or admins, all that information is not only being captured from an HR standpoint, but it’s also gonna flow through the platform, and into the pay run to where your clients that are leveraging Greenshades for benefits management, time entry. You know, the payroll process is really gonna be more of a, you know, review, and verify as opposed to, you know, a lot of entries or uploads or you kind of like a hands-on, it’s gonna be very simplified process. All right.

So, part of also providing a modern experience is providing a high level of visibility, you know, whether it’s kind of in real-time, whether it’s from a reporting standpoint. So, you know, one thing that we wanted to do when developing the platform is bring in improved visibility across the board. So, everything that you need to move forward or look back from a payroll standpoint is gonna be right there at your fingerprints within the payroll dashboard. So, you know, when you’re managing the payroll process, it’s not always just about starting a pay run, if you’re supporting, you know, multiple pay schedules, supporting multiple groups, it’s always nice to have an idea of what’s coming up. So we’ll give you that visibility.

And while we do have a very comprehensive and growing reporting section, that includes custom reports, individual favorites, you can also quickly access the payroll-specific suite of reports while in the dashboard itself. Main reason why we have that is because we do have delegated administrative capabilities. So, some people based on their experience, they’re gonna be in the payroll dashboard, you know, pretty regularly. Other admins, you know, maybe they’re not hands-on with payroll, maybe they’re gonna be using Greenshades and being an administrator for other purposes. So, by having reporting accessible to the payroll folks within the payroll dashboard, also within more of the general reporting section, it’s gonna be very efficient and accessible to get the information that you’re looking for.

Additionally, from an organizational standpoint, you’re also not only going to have very specific, you know, roles and responsibilities for folks, but every organization themselves has, you know, different structures, different priorities, their own desired workflows. And it’s really important that the payroll and HR experience can be tailored to support all those differences from organization to organization.

So, inherently, each of our customers is gonna have a view that reflects exactly what they’re gonna use Greenshades for. So, for the individual admins and users, again, their experience is going to mirror the people in the departments that they’re also responsible for, the functionality that they need, again, going back to all their specific responsibilities. Additionally, that tailored experience is also going to apply to, you know, all the various earnings codes, benefit deduction codes for payroll, you know, even down to the employee level as well. And the tailored updates that you apply, whether again, on the HR side of in-house or during the payroll process, are going to flow, you know, throughout the system. So, with a cloud-based platform, it’s automatic, it’s simultaneous, it’s gonna eliminate that need for redundant work, and manual entry as well.

We can also help make the payroll process bit more painless with real-time error prevention. Proactively we’re actually assigning, you know, all those various tax codes, all the appropriate earning codes, you know, based on the employee and the work they did. So, regardless of whether they are gonna be leveraging kind of the default standard rates for an earning code, if they have an employee-specific rate, if they are allocating their time to different departments, divisions, the system is going to go ahead and take all that to account and apply it for you during the process.

We’re also gonna be providing alerts during each step on possible errors that could impact the pay run. And of course, overall compliance, we wanna make sure that folks can actually, you know, get that information in real-time, address it before it actually becomes an issue. We’re also gonna provide some warnings throughout the process on not only what we consider errors, but maybe some, you know, data that needs an eye on. So, for instance, if you know you’re assigning an earning code to an employee who typically does not get that earning code, we’ll give you a heads up, could be legitimate, could be fine. If so, you can move on, but we always wanna let people know what’s going on just to make sure that there aren’t any mistakes or errors. And so, as mentioned before, these notifications on errors and warnings, they give you that opportunity to review and update information on the fly, prevent those issues, prevent you from having to do some corrections post-payroll, give the opportunity to kind of handle things in a very timely manner.

Now, there are also several ways to validate time entering the pay run. You know, obviously, time entry is extremely important to payroll. If you’re dealing with, you know, hourly folks, that’s gonna be, you know, pretty much, you know, driving the pay run to begin with. So, at the employee level, you know, we can note and flag work hour deviations, we can provide, you know, workweek by workweek hours, to help you understand root cause if there are some, you know, outliers, as far as total hours, as far as at the employee level as well. We can even provide a quick comp to the previous pay run. So you can help, you know, get some assistance, you can identify any possible information that needs to be updated as well. So, you know, by providing these notifications, by providing you some insight into hours worked, you know, again, we can help you review, address any sort of concerns, you know, before they become, you know, actual headaches, post-payroll.

All right, so, once you actually go through the process of running payroll, once you’ve concluded things, you’ll actually have some flexibility with some of those post-payroll options as well, you’ll have an opportunity to review overall totals, individual employer breakdowns, even make some last-minute updates, excuse me, and edits, to make sure that everything is accurate and compliant. You can even make some ad-hoc changes specific to the pay run without having to constantly, you know, change settings, you know, back and forth. So, you know, is this a pay run for a holiday bonus, and you wanna get everyone a check in hand, rather than direct deposit, do you want Greenshades to handle the printing and mailing of those, you know, handful of employees that still get paychecks and pay stubs for just this pay run? So, you’ll have that flexibility to go ahead and, you know, handle those on a pay run by pay run basis. Again, rather than having to go back and make any sort of settings change, and, you know, going back and, you know, reset it after the fact, we’ll give you the options when they’re needed.

Additionally, if you’re making those updates kind of during your final review, we will even allow you to do it on the paystub level. So you can dig into each employee, you can make those edits. Just because you’re doing on the paycheck doesn’t mean it’s just gonna be siloed there, again, any sort of updates, any sort of new information, additions, revisions, all of that is actually gonna kind of flow back through the rest of the payroll process because, you know, change in earnings could affect benefits and deductions, a change in time will affect earnings. So there’s a lot of variables in play, and we can kind of help, you know, address those for you again on the fly.

And then, you know, whether you have that seasoned payroll pro, or someone who is, again, kind of jumping in from another department and other side of the house to help out on payroll, we will provide a checklist to make sure that they have what they need to wrap up the process, dig into post-payroll reports, just have that information that a lot of folks wanna have as they are completing the pay run. We’ll provide the positive pay and SH file reports, liabilities, benefit and deduction totals, breakdown on garnishments which we can help manage at the employee level and then during pay run as well. All that is actually gonna be centralized as part of that post-payroll checklist.

And also, you know, I’ve mentioned it a few times already. Yeah, compliance is one of the primary reasons why our clients work with Greenshades. They’re not experts on compliance, especially this day and age when it seems like there are new regulations and requirements, you know, coming down the pike, especially at the federal level right now. And they want to leverage the fact that Greenshades, you know, is an expert in these areas. So, regardless of whether you operate and employ locally, if you do it regionally, nationally, we can automatically assign appropriate taxes at all levels. You know, we can even manage the multiple jurisdictions, we can manage the state reciprocity arrangements for you from a strategic perspective as well.

Internally, we actually have a group dedicated specifically to compliance. A lot of providers, a lot of options will kind of have product and compliance kind of join together kind of in a single role. That’s not us. We have a specific department for product, we have a specific department for compliance. So, we’re gonna stay on top of regulatory changes, we’re gonna stay on top of those changing requirements, and we’re gonna ensure that our customers don’t have to worry about it themselves. Okay, we’re not going to, you know, sacrifice compliance for product or vice versa. So, when we develop the product, whether it is to address a specific compliance needs such as a change with the 941, or if we’re developing new functionality, that’s gonna add value to like the payroll and HR experience, you know, we’re also still gonna make sure that what we deliver real clients is actually gonna be compliant as well. So, by providing this foundation, you can be confident that, you know, not only are your returns can be flawless and compliant, but just that overall experience is gonna be as well and you can just really rely on Greenshades for that.

All right, so on the return topic, of course, you’ll be able to leverage your Greenshades for creating, viewing, editing these returns, you can even handle your unemployment, your withholding, your new hire returns in all those different reports, again, at the federal down to the state level. With each return, you have the ability to do those reviews, do those edits. So, you’ll have that additional layer of accuracy and risk mitigation. Once they’re created, the interface is going to provide an option to directly file federal returns, while also detailing step-by-step how to file state and local returns as well. We also do have premium options to help generate deadlines, run filings and payments, actually handle the e-filings and payments at not just the federal but the state levels, and then also have access to a dedicated tech support representative.

So, you know, one of the keys for our platform is it’s not an all or nothing type solution. We can provide a solution that is gonna make sense for our clients not only to handle a payroll processing, but also as far as payroll tax compliance, as far as you know, on the HR side of the house as well. So for our customers that want, you know, some additional resources, some additional automation, when it comes to, you know, the return topic, we can actually provide that as well. So, that could be very attractive to our clients who have to manage returns for, you know, a variety of states, variety of municipalities and as many resources as possible to help out. You know, currently, in really over the past 18 months with more and more organizations, you know, hiring folks that, you know, may not live, you know, near that office, working remotely working in states they’ve never, you know, had employees in before, that can be a pretty valuable resource.

Okay, so I know that up to this point as far as the experience, you know, the modern workflows, the focus has been on the admin side of the house. Focus on that experience is also gonna continue with our employee portal to help out employees with self-service, with empowerment, as well as their information. So, employees can take advantage of their self-service whether they’re pulling up pay stubs, grabbing, you know, W2s for their own filings, their 1095s or W2s, clocking in, clocking out submitting a time-off request or even reviewing new communication from the company, new documents, we can help support that with employee empowerment. And then by delivering this level of employee access, employees are essentially gonna be encouraged and empowered to handle, you know, self-service of their own HR tasks.

So, by offering these options, we can do so through a web browser. We can also do so through an app, you know, iOS, Android, you know, employees can just download that. By giving them the options, employees are gonna be much more likely to take advantage of self-service in handling some of these tasks on their own and really help out with kind of offloading some of the responsibilities with the payroll and HR admin. Inherently, some clients are just going to prefer to use a browser, or some employees are just gonna be, you know, have a preference to use the app. So, by providing both methods, your employees are just gonna be more likely to adopt and use these solutions. And at the end of the day by employees handling some of the self-service, a lot more control, they’ll have more confidence in the information. And then, you know, by having that independence, payroll and HR, they’re gonna spend, you know, less time on administrative tasks as well.

So, outside of, kind of from the return standpoint, the daily, weekly, monthly, you know, quarterly management that you might have, year-end processing can also be a pretty stressful time for payroll and HR. And we’re kind of getting to that time of year where, you know, people are you kind of thinking about 1099s and W2s and 1095s. Obviously, with all of those, you have your strict deadlines for 1099 specifically, you know, you’ve got MISC, you’ve got any NEC, DIV, you know, there’s about eight or 10 different types of 1099s that you might have to take into account. So, it can be pretty stressful time. Greenshades, however, can transform this into really more of a step-by-step process that walks you through the critical to-do items of all those different form types. And really provide turnkey form processing services like print mail. So, you can leave all that heavy lifting of your in-form process to Greenshades, you know, you can focus on all those other priorities that you have, not just with your day-to-day, but you know, inherently you’re gonna have, you know, a bunch of kind of recurring responsibilities and activities that are involved with closing out the old year and, you know, moving into the new one as well.

So, outside of just kind of that experience, you know, I’ve mentioned this already, but we can be a great fit for folks that work with Encore and are part of that overall Microsoft ecosystem. We are future-proof, we’re ERP-agnostic. So, with Greenshades, you can get have your payroll and HR needs met today, you can address those current concerns as current issues regardless of the ERP or accounting package that you have in place. But if you are having those conversations about moving to a platform like Business Central, or F&O, or maybe you’ve already made that decision, maybe you’re already embarking on that transition, you know, you can trust that Greenshades is gonna be that valuable payroll and HR resource for you, because we can kind of travel that path along with you regardless of where you are in that ERP lifecycle.

You know, I mentioned earlier also about customer support. You know, we’ve been providing these solutions for, you know, years and years and years. And our average client tenure right now is right around 11 years. Big factor in that is the fact that we do provide a superior level of support compared to the rest of the industry. We have a diverse array of services and support that are available, we have premium concierge support, we have client-dedicated levels. And it’s all provided by in-house experts as it relates to technical and client support. You know, we don’t have what you would consider tier one support at Greenshades where, you know, you’re essentially just speaking with a rep who’s gonna, you know, take a message and pass it along. When you chat with someone at Greenshades it’s essentially gonna be what you would consider like a tier two, or tier three support. Again, from a support standpoint, all these folks are in-house. So when you chat with someone it is gonna be, you know, someone that is, you know, a Greenshades employee, which provides a lot of value.

All right. So, on that note, I’m gonna go ahead and open up the floor. I appreciate you all listening in to the overview of our payroll platform. So, if anyone has any questions, we’ll give folks a moment and so send them in to Melissa, and we’ll just see what we have to address.

Melissa: Yeah, I have a couple questions here that have come in, I can just read those out.

John: Sure.

Melissa: Okay, first one, can you explain a little about the implementation process?

John: Sure. I’m glad that came up because when you implement a new solution, you wanna have some confidence within the process, there are cost factors, there are timeframe factors so kind of dig into that a little bit. So, right now, typically, with our clients, the timeframe to go live is eight to 12 weeks. There are some variables involved with that, you know, as I mentioned earlier, there are gonna be some, you know, we’re not an all in one solution. So, we’re gonna have some platform packages that make sense for our clients based on compliance and filing standpoint and also from an HR standpoint as well. So, that’s why we have the range of eight to 12 weeks depending on the level of services you have within our payroll platform that’ll kind of drive what that timeframe looks like.

Now, the nice thing with Greenshades is that, you know, we are a unified platform. And this platform was purpose-built on top of all those great Greenshades solutions that we’ve been providing for years and years and years. So, for folks that are listening right now, for other folks that we work with, that have Greenshades online products, but a lot of those situations, some of the implementation has already been done, because the services that they have today will just translate right over to the platform, employs will still go to the same app, also go to the same browser, admins will still go to the same administrative interface, all the settings will carry over.

So, we’ve actually had some migrations to the payroll platform, where our clients have only had to essentially handle implementation around the payroll processing, because there are already using for benefits and time entry. So, they’re just focusing on topics such as, you know, making sure that, you know, earnings and benefit codes and, you know, GL settings are set up as far as the payroll process which is nice. Additionally, from an implementation standpoint, from cost standpoint, we don’t have any upfront implementation fees, our solution is a very simple per employee per month model. So, you don’t have to worry about those, you know, large cost upfront, whether it has to do with, you know, capital costs that you might see with an on-prem solution, or kind of that big check, you have to write for implementation for us, as part of the model, you know, implementation, just the cost of doing business.

And, you know, as mentioned before, we are ERP-agnostic. So, right now, we’re actually deploying with some clients on GP, that we know are gonna be moving to Business Central in the extremely near future, that’s just fine with us, we will deploy taking into account that they’re working with GP today. And then when they’re ready to pull that trigger and deploy Business Central, they’re just gonna let us know. And we’ll go ahead and just make the appropriate revisions and implement for Business Central. So, pretty simple.

Melissa: Great, thanks. And I’ve got one more question here. How does your payroll integrate with the Microsoft ERPs?

John: Okay, so there are gonna be some minor differences, all use kind of GP and Business Central as an example. You know, given the fact that we have been entrenched with the Microsoft ecosystem, you know, for many, many years, and a lot of our clients are on GP, we are deploying a lot of our payroll platform, platforms, I should say, with GP and for those folks, and, you know, folks might be listening today, they have been leveraging historically our connector, our sync between Greenshades and GP. Beauty of the payroll platform is the fact that it can still leverage that sync. So it’s a very nice, comprehensive, robust integration between the two platforms, you know, we’re still gonna have that up and down sync between Greenshades and GP.

Business Central, it’s gonna be a little different. With Business Central, Greenshades is essentially gonna be that ruling party for managing payroll and HR, bit of a dividend integration with Business Central, we actually have a specific integrated web call that can be set up between the two platforms. We’ll handle that during the implementation process, it’s not a major concern at all, it’s a pretty simple process that we follow to get that setup. And then once deployed, and you use Greenshades to manage payroll and HR, post-payroll, it’s actually gonna go ahead and drop the kind of the journal, the GL into Business Central automatically, and it’s accessible for you to go ahead and just kind of, you know, bring into the Business Central platform. So we have a couple of ways of supporting Microsoft ERPs today.

Melissa: Okay, great. Well, thanks so much for answering those questions, John, and thanks for presenting to us today.

John: You’re welcome, my pleasure.

Melissa: Absolutely, yeah. And thanks to everyone else for joining us today and have a great rest of your day. Take care.

John: Yeah. I personally wanna thank everyone as well, thanks for taking time out, I appreciate it. Now, you know, obviously, what I’ve provided today is kind of very high level, kind of a general overview. I mentioned before, you know, pretty much every organization is unique on how they manage things. So, you know, this is essentially just a starting point. If you’re having challenges with the payroll process, if you’re part of those folks that are migrating to a new ERP or, you know, even if it’s just a situation where you haven’t assessed your processes, your systems in a number of years, you can give us a call. Our contact information is on this slide, send us an email, and we’d love to arrange some time with you all to learn more about your environment, about your processes just to see if we can help.

Melissa: Great. Thanks for putting that information up there.

John: My pleasure. All righty. Thanks again, everyone.

Melissa: Okay, thanks.

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