What’s New in Dynamics CRM 2016?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring 2016 Wave is announcing new features regularly, and we’re excitedly checking them out to see which ones enhance effectiveness and flexibility in your business.

Below you’ll find new mobile and productivity features available from the Microsoft site.  Be sure to check back here for more blog updates on the latest CRM 2016 features.

Productivity Features

Track email from anywhere with new CRM App for Outlook

  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook is an email tracking app that can be used for Outlook together with Outlook from a phone, the Outlook desktop application, or Microsoft Outlook for Mac.
    CRM 2016

Use pre-formatted Excel templates to create Excel documents directly from CRM

  • Instead of always creating the same Microsoft Office Excel documents in CRM, use Excel templates to speed up the process. After a system administrator uploads a template, it can be shared with team members.

Use Word templates to quickly create the documents your organization depends on

  • Ensure consistency across your organization by automatically generating standardized documents from CRM data using Microsoft Office Word templates.

Store and manage your private documents in OneDrive for Business, directly from CRM

  • Use the new OneDrive for Business option to store your private documents, Office 365 Groups for collaborative storage, and Microsoft SharePoint for documents you’ll share more widely.

Let CRM find trending documents for you (CRM Online only)

  • Use this feature to search for content that applies to your work, and look for what’s trending around you.

Mobile Features

View SharePoint documents in CRM for phones and tablets

  • You are now able to open SharePoint documents from the mobile apps, if you have integrated SharePoint with CRM.
CRM 2016

Export data to Excel from CRM for phones and tablets

  • Export CRM data to Excel using the mobile apps, then open it in the Excel app on your mobile device.

Email a link to a page from CRM for phones and tablets

  • Share information from CRM when you’re on the go by emailing a link to a page.

Mobile apps now support Windows 10 and iOS 9

  • Mobile apps are now compatible with Windows 10 and iOS 9 for Apple iPhone and iPad.

If you’d like to know more about the new features available with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, please contact us.

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