What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2

The Dynamics GP 2016 R2 release comes with new enhancements and functionality requested by those in the know – the users!

This solution is going to give you exactly what you want, while being a smart investment for your business. It introduces powerful features and capabilities that optimize your daily financial and operational processes. GP 2016 R2 improves collaboration with the use of Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, and integrates with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Power BI.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 builds on powerful and comprehensive business management functionality with new workflows, features, and capability enhancements. For example; you can use the Document Attach function to supplement information such as details, pictures, notes or other documents to a transaction or line item. You can now access Power BI dashboards on the web client home page in addition to the desktop GP, perform self-serve tasks, track KPIs, opportunities, delegate tasks and take informed actions. Your reporting is now simplified with Power BI Dashboards, SQL reporting services, Excel Reports, and Word Templates. System-wide changes have been made to the web client like scanning function, batch approval, workflow management, and much more!

Access Anywhere, Anytime

The new web client and companion apps can run on multiple mobile platforms which enable your employees to contribute easily from anywhere, and anytime. They can work on a PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, or mobile device from the office, home or even from a coffee shop! The new web client allows you to have web access without having to worry about your security and control for IT.  

Financial Enhancements

  • The ability to track Bank reconciliations and remove transactions.
  • Save Fixed Asset ID’s with suffixes other than 1.
  • SmartList Designer Lists are now available in Advanced Look-ups.
  • Attach https reports in Management Reporter.
  • An improved reconciled transaction maintenance process.
  • Shows user name in alert when another user edits a batch.
  • The Distribution Line Display now defaults to opening in an expanded view for General Ledger (GL) Transaction Entries, Journal Entry windows, Journal Entry Distributions and Sales Transaction Distribution for corresponding inquiry windows.
  • There is now a credit limit warning for unposted credit documents. This new calculation considers when a cash receipt is entered and is applied against an outstanding invoice.

 Distribution Enhancements

  • Now when drilling into the sales transaction tax details, the tax percentage used at that time is displayed.
  • The ability to cancel a purchase order line quantity when it is linked to a purchase requisition (in Purchase Order Entry and in Edit Purchase Orders window).

Human Resources and Payroll Enhancements

  • Tracks termination and re-hire dates of employees.
  • Prints W-2s with lines and administrators can print using a self-serve report (US).
  • Integration to payables enables 1099 information to be added to vendors when posted from payroll (US).
  • Provides “tips” when pre-posting payroll added to distribution reports.

Project Accounting (PA) Enhancements

  • A new report has been created for Project Time Entry (PTE) timesheet approvers which will print the status of all timesheets, sort by approval status, or approver.
  • Project Accounting line item distributions have also been added to all transaction entry windows for Project Accounting, which allows you to enter distributions on a per line item basis.

Additional Features and Upgrades


Greater control and security is provided by the new requirement of a password to modify a SmartList favorite. Management Reporter security improvements have also been made with new addition of a more secure connection for rendering your financial data (available with Management Reporter cumulative update 16).


You can remain flexible through the ability to choose a deployment model which makes the most sense for the business and budget. On Premise or in the Cloud – or even a combination of both! You can also integrate your Microsoft GP with other systems, such as other Microsoft Products and services you might already use. Additionally, the new HTML5 Web Client in GP 2016 R2 allows improved access through the Cloud.

For more details on other Financial, Distribution, Human Resources, Payroll, and Project Accounting enhancements in the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2, please visit What’s New Dynamics GP 2016 R2.

If you are interested in learning more or upgrading your Dynamics GP please reach out to the Encore Client Engagement Team.

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