WilloWare – Cash Receipt Report

Have you ever wanted to generate a Cash Receipt for a Customer so they have proof of payment from Dynamics GP?

With the Cash Receipt Report feature from WilloWare, you have the ability to print a Cash Receipt directly from the Cash Receipt Entry window!   And it even shows the documents that the payment is applied to, which is awesome.

The first step is to enter the Cash Receipt and save it to a Batch.  Then, to generate the Cash Receipt report, simply click on the Additional menu and choose Cash Receipt Report…it’s that simple.


Here is an example of what the Cash Receipt report will look like.  However, you do have the ability to add your own logo, and modify the report using Report Writer.


This feature is part of WilloWare’s GP Power Pack product.  You can buy individual features or get the whole package for a discounted price.  Here is a link to review the GP Power Pack product:  http://willoware.com/products/gp-powerpack/

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What is New in Dynamics GP 2016?

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