WilloWare – PO Document ID’s

There is a fabulous feature in WilloWare’s GP Power Pack…drum roll please…PO Document ID’s!  Similar to what you see in Sales Order Processing, you can now utilize Document ID’s in Purchase Order Processing – YEAH!

What does this mean?  This means that you can create separate document numbering series for unique purchase orders.  Maybe you have special types of Purchase Orders that you would like to track separately from the rest, or maybe you want different data entry users to have their own sequence of Purchase Orders numbers, or maybe there is another reason…it’s up to you!

The PO Document ID’s work with:

  • PO Entry
  • PO Generator
  • PO’s generated from Sales Transaction Entry
  • PO’s generated from MRP (MRP Planned Orders)
  • Outsourcing PO’s (MOP-POP Link)

After this feature is enabled, the first step is to create a list of the PO Document ID’s that you want to setup and their corresponding PO Numbering sequence (Next PO Number).  This will be the next PO Number that gets used when a new PO is created.  In the sample below there are three new PO ID’s with three different numbering sequences.  The numbering sequences are separate from the standard GP PO Number that normally defaults onto a new PO.


If you were to create a new PO in the Purchase Order Entry window, you can click on the Additional menu, and choose Set PO Document ID.


Then you can select the appropriate PO Document ID from the drop down.

NOTE: Notice in the screenshot below, Dynamics GP is at the top of the list.  This is the standard numbering sequence that is used in GP and is setup in the Purchase Order Processing Setup window.


Once the PO Document ID is selected, click Done, tab off the Type field, and voila!…the next PO Number will display on the PO.


This feature is part of WilloWare’s GP Power Pack product.  You can buy individual features or get the whole package for a discounted price.  Here is a link to review the GP Power Pack product:  http://willoware.com/products/gp-powerpack/


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