WilloWare: Select Checks Filter

Did you ever wish that Microsoft Dynamics GP could have more advanced filter options when creating your check batches?

With WilloWare’s Selects Checks Filter feature, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to build a Check Batch by identifying the documents to include in the Batch.  This is in addition to the pre-defined restrictions that GP comes with.  And you can even store the filters for future use, which in turn decreases the time it takes to build your batch of checks!

Select Checks Filters adds a more enhanced query builder that can be accessed from the Select Checks window.  In this window you can create the filters used to identify a group of transactions to include in the Select Checks Build Batch process.  There is no limit to the number of filters can you can create and save!

Here is a list of the filter options that are available using Select Checks Filters:

  • Batch ID
  • Discount Date
  • Distribution Account
  • Document Currency
  • Document
  • Description
  • Document Number
  • Due Date
  • Payment Number
  • Payment Priority
  • PO Number
  • TRX Source
  • Vendor Class ID
  • Vendor ID
  • Vendor Name
  • Voucher Number

Here is one example of how the Select Checks Filter can be used:

Say you have multiple divisions within your Dynamics GP company, and each division pays their suppliers with their own checkbook.  In this company, Segment 1 is identified as the Division.  If the payables invoices are entered into Dynamics GP with the expense account specified for that division, then you can create a check batch specifically for invoices posted to that division.

To do that you can create one Filter per Division.  The following shows what the setup of the Filter ID would look like for Division 500. The filter ID will be called CONSULTING and the statement reads:

Distribution Account for Distribution Type PURCH is Equal To the Value of 500”


When the CONSULTING Filter ID is used in the Select Checks Filters window, it will display the outstanding invoices to include in the check batch.  You are able to unmark any invoices that you do not want included in the check batch if you would like.


When you drill down on one of the invoices, you can see that the PURCH line shows Division 500:


Now when you click on the Apply button in the Select Checks Filter window, and then click Build Batch in the Select Checks window, only those invoices shown using the CONSULTING Filter ID will appear in the batch.

This is one of the many ways you can utilize the Select Checks Filter by WilloWare!

This feature is part of WilloWare’s GP Power Pack product.  You can buy individual features or get the whole package for a discounted price.

If you’re interested in a demo or would like additional information please reach out us!

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