Windows 7 Expiring

In 4 months, if your business is still running Windows 7, you are at risk. After January 14th, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to you. Thankfully you have options to help bring your company to the latest version of Windows and enjoy the modern desktop experience. 

Using Upgrade Readiness, you can take advantage of a free Analysis Workspace in Azure. It will give you insight into your company’s PCs, what software they use, and what problems you may have with an upgrade to Windows 10. You’ll also get advice on how to resolve issues (i.e. update a driver with Windows Update or from the vendor website). 

The first step, identifying applications, is very useful. When was the last time you did an application inventory? Can your users install their own software? Are you at risk because of shadow IT? This first step is often the most enlightening for companies. 

The second step will identify upgrade issues for you. Some computers may not upgrade at all. You will know this before you even begin. This saves you time. It also helps you plan your computer purchases. PCs that can’t be upgraded, need to be replaced right away. 

Windows 7 - Identify Applications & Resovle Issues

The third step is the deployment of the Windows 10 upgrade. This step is still a manual upgrade, unless you meet the requirements for Windows 7 upgrade with Autopilot. However, if you have a Microsoft 365 or Active Directory Premium license, you can use Autopilot for zero touch IT deployment for your new systems. This can be a huge time saver and get your users up and running quickly if they have system problems. 

Windows 7 - Deployment of Upgrade

The final step in your upgrade journey is post upgrade analysis. In this step, you will receive feedback on the success or failure of your upgrade. If the upgrade failed, you will know why and can resolve the issue before attempting again. You may also decide to replace those machines immediately as well. 

Once complete, you can continue to leverage the analysis workspace for your future Windows 10 feature updates that happen twice a year. This will always ensure that you have the most current software, with the least amount of effort. 

Windows 7 - Monitor after Upgrade

With Upgrade Readiness and Microsoft Autopilot, you can take advantage of zero touch IT experiences. This greatly reduces extra work and downtime, especially as businesses are more geographically dispersed. Users can buy a vendor supported computer from Dell, HP, Microsoft or Lenovo and use Autopilot to deliver their software and your corporate security policies upon their initial login. 

If you have questions about Upgrade Readiness and Autopilot, please contact us.

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