Windows XP / Office 2003 End of Support – Are You Ready?

Are you ready for April 8, 2014? On that day, any computer you have that still runs Windows XP or Office 2003 will no longer get support from Microsoft. Why is this important? Because if that computer connects to the internet, it gives hackers a way into your company. Every month, Microsoft releases Windows Updates to fix any security issues. For these two products, there will be no more fixes. If a problem exists, it will go unpatched and will put your business at risk.

To check if your computer can run the newest versions of Windows, you can click this link. It will tell you if your computer is ready to run Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft launched Windows XP in August 2001. They have worked hard on security in the last twelve years, and the numbers speak for themselves: Microsoft Windows XP machines are six times more likely to have a virus or spyware than Windows 8 machines. The reason is simple; XP is old. The technology XP uses to keep your computer safe does not address the current threats.

Now is a great time to consider the new version of Windows and taking advantage of Office 365, Microsoft’s subscription model for Office products. It puts thousands of dollars of software at your disposal for only pennies a day. Watch this video to see what Office 365 can do for you. For a quote, contact

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