A Year of Significance: 2013 a Year to Remember at Encore

At this time of year I find my mind naturally wonders through the events that laid the foundation of the past 12 months. A few events immediately come to mind and then slowly a steady stream of additional events come to mind and it quickly becomes evident how silly it was of me to have ever possibly wondered why the last 12 months have gone so quickly!

The year 2013 for Encore was certainly a groundbreaking year and not by chance. Right from the onset we had our sights set on strategically positioning ourselves to build momentum and structuring ourselves to maintain that momentum. We were ready to exploit the opportunities that would naturally surface as a result of massive change.

Some Highlights From 2013:

Successful Business Acquisition and Expanded Geographic Presence and Solution Offerings
This year was marked by exceptional acceleration and growth largely resulting from the acquisition in late 2012 of another Canadian Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics partner. The acquisition propelled our team and customer growth, industry and solution expertise as well as product and service expansions. In addition to rounding out our Dynamics ERP product offerings with Dynamics NAV we also added the ability to offer services that went beyond Dynamics ERP and CRM, like Corporate Performance Management and business intelligence. Subsequently, we continued to build value for our clients by offering more local presence and more cost effective onsite service options with the addition of two offices located in Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC.

Industry Awards and Distinction
Mid-way through the year we were thrilled to receive official news from Microsoft that we had achieved 2013 membership to Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and President’s Club. Additionally, we were honoured to be selected as a finalist for the Dynamics Canadian Partner of the year award. Graciously accepting President’s Club status for the 16th time, Inner Circle status for the 6th time and Regional Partner finalist for the 2nd time these awards and recognition represented many things, like:

  • Differentiation from the pack as only the top 1% of Dynamics partners worldwide attain Inner Circle status
  • Validation of our dedication, hard work and advocacy for our clients in making sure the solutions and services we provide meet their needs
  • Confirmation that the manner in which we represent ourselves, the company, and the products is to a higher standard than others within our market space
  • Further acknowledgement we’d been successful with our business acquisition, our product and service expansions and that we have an unwavering commitment to our clients, partners and Microsoft Dynamics

Additional 2013 Milestones:

Talent Recruitment and Record Number Certifications Achieved
In 2013 we welcomed 14 new team members strengthening our ability to better service our customer base with increased expertise across various industries and technologies. In addition to team growth we had a banner year in terms of team certifications. As a combined entity, we collectively achieved over 20 certifications across various Microsoft disciplines and professional accounting designations.

New Website
Early in 2013 we proudly launched a brand new fresh and modern website – a reflection of how we have grown over the years!

Encore Blog
Launched in the spring, the purpose of our blog is to share value added business solutions advice, insight and tips to help users maximize the potential of their current business solutions. To date over 90 articles have been published!

Encore Care 
As a means to help our clients become self-sufficient, reduce costs and protect their technology investment we launched a sustainment program called Encore Care.

Top 100 VARs For 2013 
A further reflection of our growth and commitment to service excellence we were excited to be named again to Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs list.

Successful Business Resumption
An oxymoron indeed, but it was business as usual after we experienced a fire that destroyed our server room in late June at our head office in Winnipeg. Clients, prospects, partners, and vendors didn’t experience any service interruption as we were able to maintain communications and deliver services throughout all the business resumption efforts. A combined “on premise” and “in the cloud” deployment of our critical business systems, as well as an up to date thorough resumption plan, and talented team members ensured our business didn’t skip a beat throughout the entire monumental event.

Better Today Than Yesterday, Better Again Tomorrow – 2014 Predictions

2013 was notably a year of seizing opportunities which resulted in solidifying our strong and reputable position in the Canadian business solutions marketplace. We expect even greater things from ourselves, our products and the services we deliver in the coming year. As we embark on what will be our 25th year of business we are thankful and excited for so many reasons.

At a recent companywide meeting, our COO and CEO shared their ‘mathematical’ analogy of what we have attained through shared vision and teamwork. With the combined efforts, expertise and focus we have achieved a business and service environment where 1 + 1 = 7. With that, we look forward to continuing to get the opportunity to work with our clients and partners to help them achieve their own 1 + 1 = 7 business successes for many years to come.

Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to all the events that made 2013 such a prosperous and memorable year for Encore!





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