Yes to Summit 2016

Unlock Your Potential This Year at Summit 2016

It’s crunch time as Summit 2016 is fast approaching! In T-Minus (32) days, the biggest Microsoft Dynamics user-led conference will take place in Tampa Bay, Florida and companies all over the globe will be taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity, so why aren’t you? If you are an avid reader of the Encore Blog, you will notice that we have highlighted the many reasons companies should be attending Summit 2016.

This time however, I’d like to break down simply how you can benefit from attending Summit, and why it just makes good business sense for any company using Microsoft Dynamics to be there!

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many of our clients who were responsible for weighing the pros and cons of attending Summit, and the objections I’ve heard have been related to cost, distance, and time away from the office.

Here’s a breakdown of the gains you’ll make by saying YES to Summit 2016:


  • Summit is an amazing training and learning opportunity for anyone who participates. The ticket cost for Summit is approximately $1,199 per person. If you were to compare this number to how much it would cost your company to bring an Encore representative in to train employees, the numbers would be significantly higher!
  • A company is an investment. Sending employees to Summit is also an investment. Whether it’s investing in your own personal knowledge or your employee’s knowledge, Summit is a great opportunity to discover all the things you never knew about the Dynamics Solution you may use every day!


  • You may be travelling all the way to sunny Tampa, but an important benefit is the face-to-face interaction available at Summit. You will have the chance to speak with real Microsoft representatives. This means that taking the trip to Summit can save time and money by having your support questions answered in person for free! This saves your company money by avoiding all the support fees involved with a service call.

Time Away from the Office:

  • The office can wait; companies possess greater potential when employees can take the time to focus and train for their role. Gaining knowledge and skill for your position allows you to discover more efficient ways of doing business! This efficiency will impress your customers, as well as save time and energy for everyone involved in the business process. Why not find out what others are doing and see if it works for you?

Learn to make use of what you already own and unlock all the potential that Microsoft Dynamics has to offer at Summit 2016! Use our special promo code SUMMIT16ENC when registering to get 10% off the cost of registration.  Please contact us if you have any questions about registering for Summit.

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