Seek Great Service from your Dynamics Partner

You Deserve Great Service – Seek Out a Microsoft Dynamics Partner That Delivers It

I’ve had many calls from Microsoft Dynamics clients who are entertaining the idea of a new Microsoft partner. There is always some hesitation and concern about even asking what the process involves.

Microsoft relies on their network of certified partners to sell their products and deliver services. At the time of product purchase, the organization’s software license is registered in Microsoft’s system linked to the selling partner as the “Partner of Record”. What most organizations do not fully understand is that they have the right to change their Partner of Record whenever they want in Microsoft’s registration system. (They may, however, have a contractual obligation with the Partner of Record organization for professional services.)

The process that Microsoft follows is very straightforward – complete the Change of Partner form, have the new partner submit to Microsoft, and Microsoft will send off an automated email notifying their existing Partner or Record that they have selected a new partner. As this change is processed, the client’s registered site license information is transferred from their old Partner of Record to the new. Very quick and easy for Microsoft; not necessarily quick and easy for us partners.

During our 26 years as a Microsoft partner, Encore has been on both sides of this equation – we’ve lost some great accounts and won others. The message to the great accounts is always the same – sorry to see you go, good luck with your new partner and we are here for you should things not work out. Encore has welcomed clients back who have previously left us, having decided to give us the opportunity to work with them again. To the clients looking to switch to Encore, our message is also always the same – does your partner know you are looking to switch, have you tried to resolve your concerns with them, have you settled your account?

When Encore takes on a new client through a change of partner, we listen carefully to current challenges and strive to earn their trust through delivery of services. We follow up with new clients periodically to gauge their sentiment. What follows is some feedback we’ve received recently from clients who have engaged Encore’s services:

  • Our partner didn’t have enough product knowledge to help us achieve our CRM goals.
  • We lost a tenured GP resource and I couldn’t have supported the ongoing operations of the organization without Encore’s help.
  • We are very happy and impressed with the training provided; we all learned a ton about our solution that we did not know and many things that we can immediately implement that will save us time, increase controls and make our lives just easier.
  • Thank you for rescuing us from our previous partner. Our NAV implementation was off the rails; our configuration and customizations were far from what our true needs were and our budget was all used up.
  • Amazing service; we are very happy; we are exploring areas of GP we had no idea we had access to.

If you are going to entertain switching partners, do some research. Not all partners are created equal. Like Encore, some partners take their Microsoft certification status very seriously and have exceptionally talented and experienced individuals working for them. Encore is a learning organization and our team of professionals focus on ongoing development so we can pass our knowledge on to our valued clients.

You deserve great service so seek it out. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

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