Key Facts in Business Central

Key Facts puts the data you need available in Business Central right at your fingertips.

Are you spending too much time looking for information related to your key documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central? Key Facts adds Navigate fact boxes to many of the key pages to provide additional information, as well as a link to take you right there. On a list page, the Navigate fact box will provide additional information about the highlighted line. For example; on Posted Sales Invoices the Navigate fact box will show you how many entries were made to the G/L and subledgers relating to the highlighted line. If you are in an individual document, the same data is available there. With links directly to the information that you are looking for, your time will be saved searching for related entries and getting directly to the information that you really need. All of this functionality is available in a free app.

The best thing? No setup is required! Download from the App store now.