• Summary: DirectWest needed to generate quality, valuable reports to help position their company for success.
  • Solution: Dynamics GP
  • Benefits: Improved business decisions
  • Industry: Public/Gov
  • Location: SK, Canada
  • Employees: 100

We’ve worked with a number of Encore’s consultants and each experience has been great.


DirectWest has been bringing buyers and sellers together for more than 45 years. A SaskTel company, DirectWest publishes all ten SaskTelephonebooks, the most complete, used and preferred phonebooks in Saskatchewan. The SaskTel phonebooks reach virtually all Saskatchewan households and businesses. DirectWest also delivers Internet Business Solutions to suit the needs of their customers. Their diverse, experienced and knowledgeable team has developed a wide range of online business tools for Saskatchewan businesses every industry.


DirectWest’s initial decision to implement Dynamics GP was twofold. Aside from being an affordable software solution, Dynamics GP came highly recommended for its reputation of generating quality, valuable reports for effective business management. Completely aware of what it takes for their company to succeed and manage effectively through ongoing periods of change and transition, DirectWest felt these features would help position their company for long-term success.

Shortly after implementation, DirectWest quickly realized their investment was well worth it. The outcome was much more than just an average system satisfying their daily requirements. Since implementation, DirectWest has continued to realize their goals and manage well through uncertain times by working closely with Encore’s consulting and Sales team who provided timely support and reputable advice on how to build and maintain their system for optimal performance. Throughout each encounter, DirectWest remained confident and optimistic in the level of support and service received no matter which Encore member they consulted with, as they realized they were working with a team that strives to understand every customer situation together.


Deploying a system that allows for better access to information and reports has improved DirectWest’s ability to manage and communicate effectively across all business functions.

“Building our system to easily retrieve important company information has helped us to increase employee productivity by focusing on more pressing tasks and improve our business decisions having a positive impact on the way in which we manage and share information across all functions,” states their Director of Finance.

The relationship between DirectWest and Encore’s Consulting team has evolved significantly over the years from implementing innovative solutions that directly support their business needs to utilizing services that enhance both their system performance and user ability. DirectWest has experienced such efficiencies by working closely with an entire team who collectively understands each of their clients business needs, goals and expectations, offers consultation from both a business and technological perspective and who is knowledgeable about the industry it serves.

DirectWest has worked with a few of Encore’s Sales and Consulting team members at different times for varying reasons. Each experience has been positive and productive leaving DirectWest with the impression that their needs do not necessarily have to reside or depend upon one team member—but rather the whole team. With that in mind, DirectWest remains positive and optimistic when working with a different team member each time they engage Encore for consultation or support.

“Working with Encore has shown us that we do not need to rely upon one person within the organization for support and service,” states their Director of Finance. “We’ve worked with a number of Encore’s consultants and each experience has been great. It’s important to us to work with people who know and understand our business, goals, expectations and people. Encore has done this well.”

During the expansion and growth phase, DirectWest consulted with Encore frequently to seek advice on how to properly integrate their business from a reporting and financial perspective. The support received was invaluable. Encore’s genuine interest and commitment to showing their clients better ways to run their business from both a technological and business perspective has helped DirectWest to evolve and approach potential issues with confidence and ease. As a result, DirectWest was able to achieve their goals and properly utilize their resources to its fullest potential during times of change.

“Expanding our business meant using more of the right tools to help manage the additional work load,” claims their Director of Finance. “We relied on Encore for results driven solutions to facilitate this expansion and ease our transition during the time of change. Our relationship with Encore goes above and beyond the service and support aspect.”

Encore’s ability to recommend solutions that reflect the latest industry developments and refine their services to ensure their clients properly address the unique business challenges facing their organization, has helped DirectWest to evolve, employ cutting edge technology and realize results.

“Because our company has evolved significantly over the past 10 years, it’s imperative for us to be on the leading edge of technology to see progress and developments to our attention opening our eyes to the different possibilities that exist. They’ve helped us to evolve, stay current and most of all realize results.”

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