G&F Financial Group

G&F Financial Group is a Canadian credit union that offers members a range of banking and financial products & services including online banking, loans, mortgages and investments.

As a member owned financial institution, G&F Financial Group has over 28,000 members and $1.25 billion in assets under their administration.


G&F Financial Group was facing pressures to provide more insight into its member’s interactions with the institution.

It became evident to G&F Financial Group that this would be a major undertaking if they were to continue working with their existing custom CRM application, an application based off legacy technology and not easily extendible.

The deployment of a new virtual Member Hub contact centre provided a pristine opportunity to deploy a new CRM system and allow G&F Financial Group to set the stage for future expansion.
This new CRM system would need to be a pillar for their virtual Member Hub, which would specifically focus on serving customers using remote channels – while providing the company insight into all aspects of the member’s interactions.

The new CRM system would also need to allow employees to be mobile and allow those on the road to view member’s interactions with G&F Financial Group.


G&F Financial Group decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM when they came to the realization that the time and money they would have spent expanding their custom application was far in excess of what one could get out of the box in Dynamics CRM.

They engaged Candlewest, now Encore Business Solutions, Western Canada’s largest Microsoft Dynamics Partner, for two project phases – which were deployed over a matter of only three months.  Customizations to their new Dynamics CRM system included creating simplified web forms by which opportunities could be easily registered and reported on; these online forms would consolidate opportunity information and close opportunities automatically as sales were recorded.


Since implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, G&F Financial Group has become more customer-centric and is able to serve all needs by attaining a 360° view of their members.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Workflows within Dynamics CRM now provide G&F Financial Group with many time saving benefits such as the automation of handing out referrals and approvals for requests of premium pricing by way of rate trackers.

Dynamics CRM also allows G&F Financial Group to roll out the changes to its member information system in hours, dramatically reducing the cost of custom development.

Improved Visibility Throughout the Organization

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides G&F Financial Group granular visibility into all activities conducted across the organization regardless of channel. This includes e-mail, telephone calls, contact through the internet, referrals, opportunity management, investment and lending activity, and new member acquisitions.
Dynamics CRM also provides a very efficient means by which management can report on the opportunities that branches are closing and the success of direct mail campaigns.

Improved Member Satisfaction

The G&F Financial Group Member Survey (conducted six months after going live with Virtual Member Hub and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) demonstrated significant improvement in all relationship metrics including overall satisfaction with branch service, overall satisfaction with G&F service, likelihood of recommending G&F, and future intentions of doing business with G&F.

The member survey also measured “share of wallet”, which was substantially up year-over-year along with channel satisfaction.

Furthermore, visibility into local branch and Virtual Member Hub activities now show increased business and product penetration across the board – something that is directly attributed by G&F Financial Group to their Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.
Moving forward, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will provide G&F Financial Group with a rich set of core CRM capabilities and an innovative, agile solution that is enabling them to grow even as their needs for the system change.