Interfor Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of lumber in the world, employing more than 3400 people and capable of producing more than 3 billion board feet of lumber per year. Interfor is an international company, selling their products throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.


lnterfor has several sales departments that deal with different types of wood products. Before they engaged Encore, Interfor used to manage customer and contact information in various places such as Outlook, spreadsheets, and even notebooks. Each sales person tracked and managed their own orders and most communication between departments was verbal or done via email. If information on orders or shipping status was required, a phone call or email to another department was often the only way staff could find the information. With aggressive plans for growth, there was a strong desire – and need – to increase efficiencies and improve customer service.


Interfor selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help them consolidate their sales operations, and chose Encore to lead their project. Encore configured Dynamics CRM for Interfor’s industry and business model; including customizations for their customer info, Interfor’s selling processes, and integrations with Interfor’s existing lumber inventory software, distribution software, and other databases.


Interfor had three high-level goals for their project:

  1. The ability to share information and improve their ability to back up staff when they are out-of-office.
  2. Provide and share key customer and sales metrics with their entire staff.
  3. Consolidation of their customer and contact information.

With these achieved, Interfor would go on to realize four core benefits from Dynamics CRM:

  1. Improved customer experience,
  2. Better coordination and cooperation between departments,
  3. Automated analytics and reporting, and
  4. Overall cost reduction from time spent foraging for information.

“Aside from our project being delivered on-time and on-budget; Encore’s one of the best shops invested in the Microsoft stack. They have a breadth of experience in all of the Microsoft applications”, commented Keith Power, VP of Information Technology at Interfor.