NRS Media

Founded in New Zealand in 1991, NRS Media is focused on helping media companies create new and innovative ways to generate additional revenue and become more  profitable. From building their client’s existing customer base, delivering tailor made direct marketing strategies to providing ongoing training, NRS Media is committed to serving the media industry with dynamic solutions that address current economic challenges.


Prior to implementing Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics NRS Media, LLC was experiencing a few challenges that largely impacted their business efficiency. NRS Media was spending a lot of time trying to better understand their company’s project performance and profitability. Running value added reports and accessing real-time data required for important business decisions was a constant battle and nearly impossible to do using their current system. Additionally, NRS Media relied on multiple, disparate systems to manage their project information resulting in a duplication of effort, increased human resource costs and risked the integrity and accuracy of their data.


Facing these inefficiencies NRS Media knew it was time to explore other project tracking solutions. One that had the capability to support their current business processes and easily adapt to accommodate future process needs. The flexibility and versatility of Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics quickly gained their interest. Soon after implementation NRS Media developed great confidence in the products capabilities quickly realizing invaluable benefits including a reduction in costs, improved business decisions, increased productivity and data accuracy.


The seamless integration of Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics and Sales Order Processing (SOP) as well as the ability to easily export project information to familiar applications such as Microsoft Excel allowed NRS Media to spend more time helping the company grow.

Powerful drill down capabilities on line items helped NRS Media to easily pull inventory items and detailed project information for quick margin analysis. “Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics allows us to analyze, interpret and run reports specific to profit margins easily and quickly,” remarks Burt Whistler, Accounting Manager, NRS Media. “Prior to using Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics the process of pulling inventory items used to take us 8 hours to complete and it now takes us no more than 15 minutes. The seamless integration within SOP and ease of pulling inventory items for fast and accurate analysis is top notch.”

NRS Media needed a project tracking system that could produce accurate, real-time information such as forecasts to make more informed business decisions. By being able to quickly view and analyze historical project information and generate comprehensive analysis reports NRS Media gained valuable insight into the performance of their projects. The ease and speed of this capability significantly reduced the amount of time required to create project budgets and improved the level of quality and confidence in future decisions.

“Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics allows us to easily retrieve historical data and run reports specific to profit margins,” states Whistler. “As a result we’ve reduced the amount of time spent on our budgeting process that used to take us two full days to complete. Now, it takes us only one hour to complete.”

NRS Media needed a more streamlined and efficient process for tracking their project’s revenue and expenses outside of their chart of accounts. Prior to using Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, NRS Media was using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel to track their project information.

Using multiple systems to manage project data resulted in a number of inefficiencies including the duplication of effort, increased human resource costs and costly errors associated with manual data entry.

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics helped NRS Media to maintain a more manageable number of general ledger accounts. “Using one system to track the performance of our projects has helped to improve employee productivity and confidence significantly,” states Whistler. “Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics has reduced our accounts from 740 to 2. Our current process for tracking associate rechargeable expenses has been reduced by 75%! As a result, the associates can now focus on more pressing issues such as guidelines, requirements and reporting as opposed to tedious, mundane data entry. That’s incredible!”

NRS Media described Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics as being very user-friendly, reliable and extremely flexible. Using this product has helped NRS Media to build extreme confidence in the product’s capabilities now and in the future. “Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics is very flexible, easy to use and easily integrated,” states Whistler. “Since implementation we’ve had an excellent, positive user experience. We’ve developed great confidence in this products performance and capabilities and can see all kinds of opportunities looking ahead.”

NRS Media and Encore Business Solutions share the same business philosophy in that customer success truly depicts their own success. Each time NRS Media required product support and had any inquiries they’ve been more then pleased with the response time and quality of service received from Encore.

“Encore offers great, outstanding customer service,” remarks Whistler. “They are reliable and responsive. We understand that each experience and customer situation is unique and Encore does an excellent job of delivering quality, relevant information related to our business.”