Ken Chartrand

Chief Executive Officer

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Ken has been at the helm of Encore Business Solutions for 20+ years and has guided the organization through three major acquisitions while preserving delivery of the corporate mission, vision, and values.

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Jana Close

VP, Finance

In addition to managing the operations and reporting obligations of the finance and administration team, Jana maintains trusted relations with various stakeholders including external lenders, tax advisors and audit partners.

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Natalie Armstrong

Chief Administration Officer

While successfully boosting brand recognition through creative marketing and communication activities, Natalie is credited as a key driver of broad corporate initiatives that strive to optimize customer experiences and improve operational efficiency.

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Aran Cameron

Chief Revenue Officer

With a passion for Microsoft Dynamics and a track record of client success stories, Aran brings his extensive technology and application design knowledge to Encore’s sales professionals who he coaches through interesting and unique solution sales.

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Sandy Bergman


A 35+ year career anchored on a CPA designation, Sandy fosters a culture of respect, equity and inclusion within the organization and is an evangelist for career advancement, encouraging ongoing training and professional development.

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Ray Damphousse

VP, Sales Enablement

Drawing on extensive small and medium business to business consulting experience and diverse Microsoft application knowledge, Ray leads the teams of subject matter experts who provide consulting, technology, and support services to new and existing business application clients.

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Faron Hiebert

Chief Delivery Officer

Leveraging his background in information technology and experience in project management, Faron oversees the deployment of increasingly complex and innovative solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

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