Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials Program Implementation Process

Below is the 21 step process for Encore’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials program.

1. Client Signs Letter of Engagement (LOE)

The Letter of Engagement is a document drafted by the Account Manager that includes an overview of the implementation and training process, service fees, information on reporting with Power BI, information about support after the project, licensing, assumptions, exclusions, and payment terms. This letter is to be reviewed by the client and once again with Encore to ensure there are no issues. After it has been reviewed, the proposal is valid for 30 days. Once it is signed by Encore and the client, the proposal is finalized.

2. Internal Resources are Assigned to the Project

Once the signed LOE is received, Encore will assign resources from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials team to the project. These internal resources will be the client’s main point of contact and will reach out to the client to set up a project kick-off meeting and set expectations of who at the client needs to attend.

3. Client Receives Short Questionnaire

The client will receive a short questionnaire from Encore and is responsible for answering questions about their requirements.

4. Project Kick-Off Meeting

The client will be responsible for attending the project kick-off meeting. Here they will meet the internal resources assigned to their project and can ask any questions regarding the implementation. After confirming that the Letter of Engagement is accurate, they will receive next steps.

5. Confirm Go-Live Date

Encore and the client work together to select an appropriate go-live date. To select a date, the client must consider the time it will take for implementation, training, and testing on their end. The go-live date must be at least 8 weeks from the project start date. This go-live date can be adjusted if the client needs additional time to train and test.

6. Provide Project Timeline

The client will receive a project timeline from Encore. This project timeline will include each phase of the project, the tasks, dates that the task will be worked on, the format of the task, who is responsible for each task internally and externally, and any additional notes. Tentative dates will be provided for initial meetings, but they can be rescheduled to accommodate the client.

7. Client Receives ‘How To’ Introduction Videos

The client will be responsible for reviewing the introduction videos. These videos will help the client form a base knowledge of Dynamics 365 Business Central and become familiar with the system beforehand. The videos will cover a variety of topics such as user roles, dimensions, master records, transactions, filtering, and more.

8. Client Meets with Encore and Receives Master File Excel Templates

The clients’ users who are responsible for filling out the data templates attend an hour-long meeting with Encore. At this meeting, they will receive instructions and get their questions answered. Afterwards, the clients can choose whether they want to receive one, multiple, or all the data templates at once. The master files can contain customer, vendor, and inventory data. The client can take this opportunity to restructure their Chart of Accounts and clean up their data.

The time that it takes the client to complete the data templates will depend on their teams’ resources and availability. On average, the data templates take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. If there are any questions or concerns, the client can contact Encore for assistance with the templates. Once the templates are populated, they are sent to Encore for review. If Encore deems that adjustments are needed, the client will receive instructions on how to correct the templates.

9. Client Receives Checklist to Review the Project Plan and Details of Next Steps

The client will review the project plan and prepare for the project by planning for their next involvement. At this stage, clients can prepare for meetings and plan for times to perform training and testing.

10. Prepare the Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant

The Account Manager at Encore will send the enrollment and payment authorization forms required to begin setting up the Dynamics 365 Business Central License. The Account Manager will also send a link so that the client can grant them access as a Microsoft Cloud Provider. The user with Global Admin permission, usually the system admin, is required to accept the relationship. Encore must be granted permission to be a designated CSP in order to work on the Business Central Project. During this time, the client should also be focused on completing the data templates.

11. Configure the Environment

Encore will configure the environment with the client’s provided information. During this time, the client should be focused on completing the data templates.

12. Import Chart of Accounts

Encore will import the clients completed Chart of Account Excel templates. If there are any errors with importing data, the templates may be sent back to the client, with instructions for correction.

13. Continue To Configure Environment

The client will be informed if any changes had to be made to the Chart of Accounts data to configure with Business Central. At this point, the client should be focused on completing the master file templates.

14. Import Master Files

Encore will import the clients completed master file Excel templates. If there are any errors with importing data, the templates may be sent back to the client, with instructions for correction.

15. Test System (Encore)

The client can request that certain processes and functions are tested. These requests will also be included in the training session.

16. Training Session with Client

These training sessions will be in a workshop format, where Encore will demonstrate the features and processes, and the clients’ users can choose to follow along in Business Central. Encore will work with the client to identify who needs to be in attendance. These training sessions will be scheduled based on client availability and preference. Encore recommends that the training sessions be spaced out over a period so that the client has time to test in between the training. Training sessions are performed remotely and are also recorded so the client can revisit them at any time.

17. Test System (Client)

After training, the client will receive material to reinforce the concepts that were delivered in the form of a user acceptance testing file that contains testing tasks. It is their responsibility to perform these tasks within set timelines and any other processes to ensure they can smoothly run the system to their preferences. If the client has questions, Encore will assist by providing guidance either through email or a call.

18. Import Opening Balances

The client is responsible for providing Encore with accurate and clean data in an Excel template. Encore will import the clients’ opening balances and outstanding transactional data into Business Central. Historical transactional data is not imported.

19. Go-Live

The client will be given access to the live environment, where all the same configurations have been made, but without the testing transactional data.

20. Go-Live Support

For 30 days after the go-live, the client will receive support from the Business Central Essentials team. The client will be able to submit tickets directly to the Essentials team to resolve any issues with their system or for additional guidance.

21. Project Transition to Encore Care Support

After 30 days, the client will transition to Encore Care support. Clients will be able to submit support tickets which will be directed to our Encore Care support team. Through Encore Care, clients can log support tickets for break/fix questions, user assistance, and application guidance.