Timeline for the End of Dynamics AX Microsoft Mainstream Support

Microsoft Mainstream Support for four versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX has expired:

  • AX 2009 — October 2018
  • AX 2012 — October 2018
  • AX 2012 R2 — October 2018
  • AX 2012 R3 — October 2021

Going forward, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations will be the only supported version.

What does it mean if my Microsoft Support has expired?

If your ERP has lost its Microsoft Mainstream Support, then every bug, performance problem, breakage, or any kind of issue with the core product will require custom dev work by your partner. A good Dynamics partner can maintain your system this way, but in the long run, that approach will be costly.

The end of Mainstream Support for AX versions is one of several factors companies must consider when deciding how and when to upgrade their Dynamics systems.

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