Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central Price Calculator

Move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud confidently with our transition packages.

Easily create your customized fixed price package by simply selecting the capabilities you want in Dynamics 365 Business Central when you transition from Dynamics GP. This offer is suitable for SMBs.

Select the capabilities that your organization needs in an ERP. Expand each of the capabilities section to learn what is included in each package. For more information, please see our FAQ and Resources sections below. Start building your fixed price transition package now!

Note: All prices apply in both CAD and USD.

Select Package
  • Environment Setup for 1 Company (legal entity)
  • Permissions and Role Setup for up to 10 users
  • General Ledger
  • Dimensions
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • 1 Bank Reconciliation (not eBank Rec)
  • 1 Bank Account
  • Report Layout Customizations for Sales Invoice and 1 Cheque format
  • Migration of Data for Chart of Accounts, Customer Master, Vendor Master, Open Balance
  • 1 to 3 Functional Companies
    • Intercompany Transaction Setup
    • 1 Consolidation
    • Same Chart of Accounts and Dimensions for All Companies
  • 4 to 6 Functional Companies
    • Intercompany Transaction Setup
    • 2 Consolidations
    • Same Chart of Accounts and Dimensions for All Companies
  • If you require 7 or more companies, let's talk more about your requirements. Contact us.
Functional Companies

  • Multicurrency Setup
  • 1 Additional Bank Reconciliation (not eBank Rec)
  • 1 Additional Bank Account
  • Up to 10 Currencies
  • Download Currency Exchange Rates
  • Bank of Canada Noon Rate Setup
  • EFT/ACH (Accounts Payable Only)
  • 80 Byte File Format
  • eBank Rec
  • 2 Depreciation Books
  • 7 Asset Categories
  • Depreciation Methods – Straight-Line and Declining
  • Additional Companies are $750 per Company
  • Sales Order Processing (SOP)
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Returns
  • Out of the Box Report Setup including the Sales Quote, Sales Order, and Sales Return Order Report
  • Purchase Order Processing (POP)
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Returns
  • Out of the Box Report Setup including Purchase Quote, Purchase Order Confirmation, and Purchase Return Order Report
  • Costing methods – FIFO and Average
  • Cycle Counting
  • Landed Cost
  • 1 Location
  • Data Setup for Item and Open Balances
  • Assembly BOMs
  • Assembly Orders
Note: All prices apply in both CAD and USD.

Use this form to send your estimate to us. We'll follow up to discuss next steps for your ERP transition.

We have chosen the common Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities that Dynamics GP users would need when they transition. The details within each capability pack are fixed and have been selected to allow for a streamlined transition process.

Dynamics 365 Business Central has many more capabilities than what’s listed above. Please contact us if your business has additional requirements.

Monthly Subscription Pricing

Dynamics 365 Business Central Licenses
Price Per User Per Month
Promotional Price
Business Central Essential Full User
$70.00 USD
$89.60 CAD
$42.00 USD
$53.80 CAD
Business Central Team Member
$8.00 USD
$10.20 CAD
$4.80 USD
$6.10 CAD

Pricing is on a per user per month basis. All capabilities listed in this transition package above fall under the Business Central Essential Full User license. Team Member licenses can be added as well.

For clients who are current on their annual maintenance, they're eligible to receive a 40% discount on Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses. This discount is reflected in the promotional pricing listed above.

With the promotional pricing, please note that the Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses need to have an annual total greater than or equal to their Enhancement Plan renewal amount.

For more information please see Dynamics 365 Business Central | Licensing and Pricing Answers.

Encore Care Support Licenses
Price Per User Per Month
Unlimited - Full User
Unlimited - Team Member

Pricing is on a per user per month basis. Encore Care Unlimited Support is a monthly subscription-based program that provides support and guidance to our clients experiencing everyday errors or questions about their Dynamics 365 Business Central environment. Through Unlimited support, you will be able to log tickets for:

  • Break/Fix questions
  • General user assistance and application guidance
  • New User Orientation Training
  • New User set up and application install on new workstations

Power BI Licensing
Power BI App
$75 USD/CAD per 1 tenant
Power BI Pro License
$10 USD
$12.80 CAD
per user per month

The Microsoft Power BI App for Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a powerful set of reports and dashboard that will be implemented for you. Once installed, you can create new visualizations, customize branding, link to additional data sources, and much more. This will provide interactive and predictive reporting at your disposal using Power BI. The Power BI app is billed monthly at $75 per month per tenant.

Power BI licensing is on a per user per month basis and is not included in the price of the app. To access the app, users require a Power BI Pro license. If your business currently has Microsoft E5 licenses, Power BI is included in that so there is no additional licensing required. Otherwise you'll need to purchase Power BI Pro licenses to access the Power BI app.


If you want more information, or would like one of our experts to walk through the capabilities package with you, please contact us using the form below. (To share your estimate with us, please use the "send my estimate" button above.)

The transition timeline varies depending on the capability’s packages selected in the table above. The timeline for the Core Finance package will start at 8 weeks and other capabilities packages will add an additional 1 – 2 weeks each.

Encore will provide formatted Excel templates that need to be filled out by the customer. The templates include master files (Chart of Accounts, Vendors, Customers, Items) and Opening Balance templates for each subledger. Encore will meet with the customer to explain the data templates and how to fill them as there are some key fields that have validators. The customer will be responsible for cleaning the data and will be shown how to load the data using configuration packages provided by Encore.

Yes, Encore can assist. While extracting data out of Dynamics GP is out of scope of this project, we will help with this as a support case. Due to the customers different data types and volume, the customer will need to review the data and ensure they balance and reconcile before things move forward.

Yes, the GP license is in perpetuity and clients can maintain access to their legacy system for historical purposes.

During this transition, customers can expect an analysis of their Chart of Accounts, set-up, training, and a go-live for each of the capabilities package selected. 8 hours of go-live support is also included.

Below is the high-level implementation process that Encore will follow:

  1. Client signs LOE
  2. Internal resources are assigned to the project
  3. Project kick-off meeting
  4. Client receives short questionnaire to ensure modules selected and requirement details match
  5. Confirm go-live date
  6. Provide project timeline
  7. Client receives short ‘how to’ introduction videos
  8. Client receives master file Excel templates
  9. Client receives checklist to review the project plan and details of the next steps
  10. Prepare the Dynamics 365 Business Central tenant
  11. Configure the environment
  12. Import Chart of Accounts
  13. Continue to configure environment
  14. Import master files
  15. Test system (Encore)
  16. Training session with client
  17. Test system (Client)
  18. Go-live
  19. Import Opening Balances
  20. Go-live support
  21. Project transition to Encore Care support

The customers accounting team will need to prepare the master file and opening balance templates, attend the kick-off meeting, attend the training sessions, and test, verify, and sign-off on the system.

If you have ISV Solutions in Dynamics GP, we will need to analyze those separately. There are applications that are ERP agnostic, so they work with both Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central. In some cases, the add-on solution may no longer be needed anymore! There might have been a gap in Dynamics GP, but there isn’t that same gap in Business Central. If there is a gap that needs to be filled in Business Central, there may be an App available through AppSource.

For more information please see What Happens to My Dynamics GP Add-On Solutions When I Move to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

For this transition offer, we’re only implementing the capabilities listed in the Price Calculator (with the exception of Payroll). However, after your transition is complete, other Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities can be added. These additional capabilities would be a separate project and would occur on a different timeline.

Yes, Payroll functionality can be added to the scope of this project. Currently Dynamics 365 Business Central doesn’t have built in Payroll functionality, therefore it would be an add-on product that would take care of the payroll functionality. Encore can help make recommendations for which payroll add-on products we have experience working with.

This offer is different from a regular Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation in the timeline and the scope of what is offered. The intent of this offer is for the transition process to occur in a shorter timeframe with a standardized setup and configuration. This offer also has less Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities offered. The capabilities were selected for our Dynamics GP clients in mind.

Yes, there is a 30-day free trial of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Sign up for a free trial here.

Dynamics 365 Business Central New User Training Video - During this video, one of our Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants shows basic concepts and features that will help you get started and become more familiar with Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Training YouTube Playlist - This playlist has short videos to show you how to use common features and functions in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Learn for Dynamics 365 Business Central - There are numerous training paths you can complete to start learning or learn more about Business Central. Microsoft Learn is a free online learning platform.

Microsoft Documentation for Dynamics 365 Business Central - This documentation gives you in-depth articles about Business Central.


Note: Encore needs to be the Partner of record for this transition to happen.

All pricing is subject to change without notice. Always contact Encore for the most current product pricing.

Contact us if you’d like to purchase a transition package and would like to discuss the next steps for your business.