Elevate Session Descriptions

Take a look at what’s in store for you at our Encore Elevate events. Each applicable presentation will offer CPA credits to eligible attendees.

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The Digital Transformation Story all cities
For most companies, the digital conversion is already underway, but it’s slow going. Taking the time needed to undergo such huge organizational changes is a good thing, but it can also distract you from seeing the big picture. Walk through the future with us as we depict the truly integrated professional technology experience, with customer and employee satisfaction at the core of it all.

Make the Most Out of Our Partnership all cities
Encore’s offerings range far beyond the implementation and upgrade of your Microsoft Dynamics system. Join us for a quick, high level look at the products and solutions that are available to you right now, but you may not be leveraging.

Getting Your Data into Dynamics GP Regina, Winnipeg, Vancouver
To meet the challenges within today’s business environment, the ability to tightly integrate data and processes within an enterprise is a must. In this session we will discuss the various integration options available to you utilizing both Microsoft and Third Party tools. Join us as we delve into these options together. It’s recommended to pair this session with Getting the Data Out of Dynamics GP for a full view!

The Power of Integration: Dynamics ERP + Office 365 Winnipeg, Vancouver, Seattle
Microsoft ERP and Office 365 together give you a fully integrated, adaptable business management solution that helps you make confident business decisions. Get the information you need to monitor business performance from every angle. Increase financial transparency. Spot opportunities and identify potential problems before they occur. You’ll have a better handle on the numbers and better control of your business. By integrating, your organization will be more collaborative than ever by reducing approval processing time, providing open access to key documents in one place, and scheduling meetings and discussions with clear context. Come take a look at what it feels like to have a truly transparent organization.

Getting your data out of Dynamics GP  – Regina, Winnipeg, Vancouver
From simple queries to complex financial statements and analytics, access to timely and accurate data is a key to any ERP system. In this session we will explore the many options available to “Get Data Out of Dynamics GP”. These options will include GP core functionality as well as third party products to enable users to retrieve the information they need when they need it. It’s recommended to pair this session with Getting the Data Into Dynamics GP for a full view!

What’s New in GP 2018 – Winnipeg, Seattle
We’ll swing through the new features and functionalities that we’re especially excited about, like document attach, workflow enhancements, user experience improvements, and a lot more. Come see what your upgrade buys you.

The Power of Integration: Dynamics ERP + Dynamics 365 for Sales –  Winnipeg, Vancouver, Seattle
If you’re thinking that your company’s various data sets are fine in siloed systems, then you’re slowing down while your competition is speeding up. No matter the business size, industry, or model, none can afford to think of their departments as independent worlds. Yes, that goes for Finance and your Dynamics GP data too. Information is now the core of any organization’s success, so what happens when teams only have one piece of the larger picture? We will show you not only how to break down the visibility and communication barriers that many modern companies bang their heads against, we will do it in one intuitive interface. This gives users a simplified workspace while allowing them a view of the entire landscape–no matter if they’re Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Operations, you name it. You’ll leave this webinar with a solid idea of how integrating systems using Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 can dramatically reduce unnecessary meetings and emails, and keep your customers moving along faster, more accurate business processes.

Getting the Most Out of Dynamics GP: tips, tricks, & how to’s – all cities
There’s something for everyone in the fast paced look at small actions that can dramatically improve your experience in Dynamics GP. From shortcuts to hidden gems, we’ll go through various areas of the system, demoing the actual ‘how to’s along with explaining the various benefits. Bring your notepad and be ready to jot down some small (but exciting!) tips that will make your life easier while using Dynamics GP.

Make the Data Work! – Winnipeg, Seattle
Power BI & Dynamics GP Want to know on which day of the month a particular item sells best? Curious about why revenue is increasing in one territory but not in others? You probably have the data. By connecting Power BI with Dynamics GP, you can get answers to complicated questions about your organization as easily as clicking a button–and you can actually interact with it. Microsoft’s Power BI is a self-service suite of business analytics tools that can help almost anyone in your business analyze data and share their insights. For Microsoft Dynamics GP users, that means monitoring financial performance, sales trends, CAPEX costs, expenses, profitability and more. We’ll show you how.

Demystifying Dynamics 365 (cause it’s not just for Sales) – all cities
Dynamics 365 encompasses so much more than Sales. Finance, HR, Service, Operations, Marketing–every department is fully supported. What’s more is that these systems can be used on their own or integrated (relatively simply) which offers your company the most user-friendly experience and well informed business intelligence possible. We’ll go through a high-level look at the main benefits behind each of these systems, as well as some of the advanced functionalities that come with integrating them. Take a look at the complete universe that’s available to you now in Dynamics 365.

Ask the Experts of Dynamics GP – all cities
Whether they’re user-based “how to”s or technical issues, bring your burning questions for our panel to address. Often times you’ll hear solutions that can be applied at a later date, or answers to questions that you may hear from team. Jot down a few topics and fire them at our team for quick answers.

Dynamics GP Under the Hood – Winnipeg
Learn how to manage, maintain, and protect your Dynamics GP system with pointers on everything from database backups, running basic SQL scripts, managing your users security and troubleshooting users errors with the Support Debugging Tool.  You will be presented with the key resources to help you take control of your Dynamics GP ERP system.

“IT”s Not So Scary: Moving Your On-prem ERP Solution to the Cloud – Winnipeg, Vancouver, Seattle
There are a lot of questions that come to mind when you think about moving your on-premises ERP system to the Cloud: What does it entail for my company? How big of an effort is this? And not least of which–do the benefits outweigh the costs? We’ll walk you through these questions and others to clear up the picture encompassing such a big transition. We think you’ll be surprised that it’s really not quite as scary for your IT department and your users as you might think.

What’s New in Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central – Vancouver
There’s conflicting information in the marketplace when it comes to “who, what, why?” of Dynamics 365 for Business Central, the next generation of Dynamics NAV. It’s not a replacement, but it is very similar.  This session will clear the air and provide solid answers. You’ll leave with a firm understanding of the differences between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, who they’re aimed at serving, and which of the new features will really increase the value for your company.

Automatic Exchange Rate Updates and Other Tricks for Dynamics NAV – Vancouver
Add some tricks to your Dynamics NAV arsenal! The automatic exchange rate functionality ensures that the system updates currency exchange rates automatically instead of doing it manually. Find out about other useful tricks you can take home and use in your solution right away.

Inventory and Cashflow Forecasting in Dynamics NAV – Vancouver
Cash flow is always a little tricky, but  Azure machine learning can be used to predict cash flow and inventory in Dynamics NAV. See how artificial intelligence features embedded in NAV 2017 can be best leveraged so your predictions are less based on ESP and more on ERP.

Deploying ClickOnce Client, Mobile App and Word Layout Reporting – Vancouver
Explore three important tools in Dynamics NAV that improve user performance as well as experience. We’ll show you the benefits of these tools as well as how to properly deploy them.

Newest Features You Might Not Be Using in Dynamics 365 for Sales – Seattle
We highlight the top new features and enhancements added to Dynamics 365 for Sales you may not be utilizing. New features that increase user acceptance and data quality abound, and business process flow enhancements take your solutions’ capabilities to the next level. We’ll even show you a few free plug ins that are quick to install and make your user’s lives easier. Pair this session with How to Get Sales to Love CRM Back for a full view of features that will dramatically increase user adoption.

10 Totally Doable User Adoption Tricks – Seattle
Your CRM system is only as valuable as the data entered into it, so continuous user adoption is key for any relationship management solution. Take advantage of these 10 totally doable tips to boost CRM user adoption in your organization and better ensure your system is telling you the truth.

Automating Dynamics 365: Business Rules, Workflows, and Power BI – Seattle
In this session we will discuss how you can use Business Rules in Dynamics 365 to combine conditions and actions, run custom workflows, and use Power BI dashboards to easily analyze your data.

How to Get Sales to Love CRM Back – Seattle
Foster the love between a salesperson and their CRM system with this session about driving efficiencies in entering data. Tracking opportunities and leads doesn’t have to be a difficult and time-consuming task! Pair this session with Dynamics 365 for Sales Newest Features You Might Not Be Using for a full view of features that will catapult user adoption.

Optimization, Efficiency, and Value: 3rd Party Solutions Rapid Fire – Regina, Winnipeg
Dynamics GP is an excellent ERP solution, but there is always room to improve. That’s where third party solutions come into play. Extend the flexibility of Dynamics GP with these answers to gaps that you probably experience today. We’ll quickly cover some of the top add-ons and talk about which solutions provide the best value for your dollar.

Lunch & Learn with Jet Reports: The Answer to Dynamics GP Reporting – Winnipeg, Vancouver, Seattle
From a lack of options to customize the data they see, to confusion surrounding which tools to use, Dynamics GP reporting can be a challenge to business users. In our crash course on Jet Reports for GP, we will show you firsthand how to access all your data with one simple tool. This session will cover how to create reports from scratch, how to leverage existing Jet Reports, and will also show you how to more effectively utilize Power BI! Visit www.jetreports.com for more information.

Lunch & Learn with Nodus:  Receivables and Secure Payment Processing – Winnipeg, Vancouver, Seattle
Receivables is the heart line of every business. Yet several factors influence your efficiency to collect these receivables, including security. So what can you do to facilitate an efficient A/R process for both you and your customers? Join Nodus Technologies in discovering how you can improve your payment collection process, create customer convenience, and maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Lunch & Learn with  Rockton: Security, Auditing, Compliance, and More! – Vancouver
See why over 55,000 Dynamics GP users are taking the Simple and Easy approach to Dynamics GP with Rockton Software. Alicia Weigel, Technical Sales Team Lead, will give a live presentation of three time-saving products. You’ll see how Rockton Auditor and Dynamics GP Toolbox can make auditing, compliance and security simple and easy in your GP system. Then be amazed at how quickly and easily finding records throughout GP can be with SmartFill, our google-style data search tool. Visit www.rocktonsoftware.com for more information.

Lunch & Learn with  Metafile: AP Automation and Beyond–Integrated Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP – Seattle
MetaViewer goes beyond the average AP Automation solution to fit your business! Visit with our automation expert to learn how integrated Document Management /Paperless Automation can: Eliminate manual data entry, Utilize web-based workflow, Provide real-time process visibility, Retrieve associated documents without leaving your Dynamics solution, Enable Mobile access, and Improve efficiency in all your departments.  MetaViewer reduces costs across your entire enterprise, gives you expanded functionality like journal entry, requisition and expense reporting, and ensures true executive level visibility.  Go paperless with MetaViewer.  Visit www.metaviewer.com for more information.

Lunch & Learn with  eOne:   Integrate or Die – Winnipeg
You are at a competitive disadvantage if your business software is not integrated, BUT integrations can be difficult. Dynamics GP is a fantastic ERP solution, but it was never designed to fulfill every need of every business. In high-functioning organizations, integration between different business management systems is essential and the ERP becomes the backbone of operations. You’ll learn why you should integrate your systems, which pitfalls to watch for, and see how to integrate anything with Dynamics.

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