Encore Vantage – PheedLoop Virtual Event Platform FAQ

Here is a list of Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs) that you, as an attendee of Encore Vantage, may have.
This online event will be taking place in a platform called PheedLoop.

Video walkthrough of virtual event portal

How do I access the event on January 18th?

The event will be taking place in a platform called PheedLoop.

You will receive an email from ‘Encore Vantage’ with ‘no-reply@pheedloop.com’ as the email address approximately one week before as well as one day before the event date. In that email will be a personalized link to the virtual event portal, which should take you into the portal and log you in automatically.

However, if the portal does request your credentials, the details you’ll need will be inside that same email from ‘Encore Vantage.’

Please add the email address no-reply@pheedloop.com to your safe senders list or check your Junk/Spam box for the email.

What technology should I use to experience the event?

  • Desktop computer or laptop are recommended – tablets and mobile devices are not compatible for all aspects of the virtual event experience.
  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser, but other browsers are supported, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.
  • A high-speed internet connection is recommended to participate in sessions without experiencing interruptions. A hard-wired internet connection is more stable than using a wireless connection.

How do I navigate to my sessions?

Once in the virtual event portal, navigate to ‘Sessions’ on the left-hand side.

Scroll down — you’ll see all 12 of Encore Vantage’s sessions, for all products, together. You can simply select your next session, or you can click the ‘Filter’ drop-down at the top of the session list, and choose one of the three filtering options:

  1. Personal Schedule – sessions that have been added to your personal schedule. This was automatically done during registration for you. However, you can add other sessions to your personal schedule by clicking on the ‘+’ box beside the session title.
  2. Live Now – only sessions that are live during the current timeframe will appear.
  3. Your product track – sessions relevant to the Dynamics GP, NAV, or AX track will appear.
PheedLoop screenshot showing how to filter your personal schedule

How do I make accessibility adjustments?

Within the virtual event platform, PheedLoop has accessibility adjustments with a range of options available so that you can adjust the look and feel of the event platform to meet your needs.

Select the person icon near the top-right corner within the virtual event platform.
Accessibility adjustment icon

What is the difference between chat and Q&A in the PheedLoop virtual event portal?

Both the chat and Q&A can be found on the right-hand panel beside the session live stream. Click the tabs at the top of that panel to switch between them.

PheedLoop screenshot showing the chat and Q&A tabs next to each other at the top right

Chat is where the Encore team will post some announcements and reminders, and where you can add general comments.

Q&A is where you can ask a question and the Encore team will provide an answer. The answer will be attached to the question so that they can easily be followed and not lost among the other questions.

Please don’t ask questions for the Encore team in the chat area, because in that case the answer cannot be ‘attached’ to the question.

How do I receive notifications during the event?

To ensure you receive notifications throughout the event, click the lock symbol next to your URL. Change the ‘notifications’ to say ‘allow.’ If that doesn’t work, you may need to click ‘site settings.’

Browser security settings to allow permission for notifications

General troubleshooting

Everybody has different browser configurations and network settings/restrictions which, in rare cases, may warrant trying a different browser and/or network just to have a clean environment to engage with PheedLoop. In case something isn’t working, to isolate the root cause, PheedLoop suggests trying:

  • Private/incognito window in your browser.
  • Different browser (see the list of supported browsers above).
  • Disabling any operating system level VPNs or firewalls which may be blocking a specific website.
  • Different network.
  • Different computer.

What if I’ve logged into the virtual event platform, but can’t see the sessions’ live stream?

Technology Set Up:

  • Make sure you follow our tips on which technology to use for device, browser, and internet connection.
  • Next step we recommend is to refresh your browser.
  • Close all other browser windows and applications. Ensure no downloads are running in the background and clear all caches and cookies.
  • Try using an incognito or private browsing session.

Session Not Live:

  • The session might not be live yet. The live feed will not begin until the published start time. The times displayed in the virtual event portal adjust to your own time zone.
  • This is the message displayed if the session is not live and available yet:
PheedLoop notice saying, "Until we begin, use the chat widget on the right to share your excitement and start networking."

Video Play but No Audio

  • If the video is playing, but you don’t hear audio, ensure your speakers are not muted, that none of the controls on the stream (if available) are muted, and that you don’t have another tab open that is using your audio channel. Try using an incognito or private browsing session.

Can other attendees see my profile?

No, other attendees cannot see your full profile. However, when you use the chat or Q&A, other attendees will see your name and organization.

Will I have access to the sessions after the event to watch them on demand?

Yes, all registrants will have access to the session recordings within the PheedLoop platform after the event.

Is there still time for my co-workers to register?

Yes there is. Send them to the Encore Vantage Registration Page.

Further questions

If you have questions prior to the event, please email marketing@encorebusiness.com.