How to Power Up with Real-Time Data

How to Power Up with Real-Time Data

Date October 22
Time 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm PST
Location GoToWebinar

Despite endless hours of preparation, it’s hard to strike the necessary balance between a powerful—yet streamlined—finance presentation and being prepared for every possible question a meeting participant might throw your way.

With real-time data, you don’t have to dread the unanticipated questions.

Flexible and real-time analysis ensures that all data-driven questions can be addressed during a single meeting. Now you can present your results the way you need to, and answer questions, explore scenarios, and update data on the spot while you are presenting.

Join us for the tools to create a more dynamic finance presentation

  • Pull Prophix data into Excel for Office 365 and run complex historical simulations. Push the results back to Prophix to generate reports
  • Use Workflow to distribute your reports to key stakeholders while maintaining security
  • Drill directly back into your data from your slides by using Prophix for PowerPoint for Office 365
  • Create visual data representations that everyone in the company can easily analyze, drill-down and compare to the transactional level