Make Expense Reporting Easy and Painless | Gorilla Expense

Make Expense Reporting Easy and Painless | Gorilla Expense

Date July 8
Time 11:00 am — 12:00 pm PST
Location GoToWebinar

Let’s face it – nobody likes doing Expense Reports! But it is a necessary function of today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

Gorilla Expense, in partnership with Encore, invites you to join us for an exciting, information-filled webinar on expense reporting on July 8 at 11:00am PST.

In this webinar, Gorilla Expense will demonstrate their automated, end-to-end Expense Management solution.

Specifically, they will be:

  • Submitting expense reports with electronic receipts from the mobile app
  • Creating and submitting an expense report on the web
  • Approving the expense report as a manager
  • Sending the data to the Dynamics ERP solution with our unique ‘1-click’ integration

SPECIAL OFFER TO ALL ATTENDEES: Gorilla Expense will waive standard, out-of-the-box setup and training implementation costs.

{*Custom setup may incur separate fees}