Change Management

Encore is certified under Prosci, the world’s leading Change Management certification firm. Our Change Management approach is informed by hundreds of hours of research into the reasons why projects fail.

It’s About Managing Individuals

Your project’s success depends on employee awareness of the project, their willingness to change, and their ability to execute at the individual level. With 25 years of project experience, Encore understands how one person makes a change successfully – and how to direct the change experience of an individual to ensure organizational success.

Essential for Maximum ROI

Think about the expected ROI of your project. How would that change if none of your employees used the new system? Our Change Management services are designed to ensure your users adopt the system quickly, fully, and proficiently for maximum ROI.

A Pre-Defined and Scalable Methodology

Encore’s Change Management process is research-based, holistic, and scalable. As we help manage change in your organization, we adjust for your project’s risk, budget, scope of work, and current state of adoption.

After conducting a thorough analysis of your unique resistance points, Encore will work with your executives to build the communications strategy, sponsor roadmap, training schedule, and reinforcement plan you need to ensure project success.

Phase 1 – Prepare for Change

Conduct analysis and interviews. Deliver a comprehensive readiness assessment.

Phase 2 – Manage Change

Partner with management in the execution of a plan for change: increasing awareness, fostering enthusiasm, and most importantly: training.

Phase 3 – Reinforce Change

Celebrate early success, fill the gaps in user adoption, and prepare for the future.

Project Management Integration

Our Change Management process works in lock-step with our Project Management methodology. This is to ensure that we are managing the technical and personal aspects of your implementation efficiently; communicating the right information and proceeding at the correct time.

Build Change Competency in Your Organization

After engaging with Encore for Change Management, your employees and management will be more agile, flexible, and aware of the necessary conditions for a successful change project. You’ll benefit from this competency as your organization and its technology continues to transform in the future.