Custom Development

We know that the reasons companies need to fill the gaps in their software capabilities vary widely. From extensive customizations in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM systems to building custom applications, add-ons, and products from the ground up, we see every challenge as an opportunity to make a difference.

Business-Focused Development Team

Creating custom solutions for clients is a collaborative engagement for us, not just a one-off coding job. You might work with several Encore professionals during your project, including analysts, solution specialists, project managers, developers and our IT team. We want to understand and meet your objectives from all angles.

Multi-Platform Expertise

Our developers are experienced, certified and trained across multiple applications, languages, platforms and infrastructures. They continuously expand their skills and knowledge to offer you the highest level of expertise for Microsoft Dynamics customizations, plug-ins and add-on products; BI enhancements; cloud solutions; mobile capabilities; web applications and beyond.

Professional Source Code Management

Encore stores, versions, and secures all of our source code in a single environment. As Encore has grown, our development methodologies, cultures, and practices have evolved; and our source code management is a reflection of our predictable and consistent development. Our internal IT team has set up advanced backups so we are able to restore this system to any “point in time” in response to a system failure.

Leverage Years of Development Assets

Because we’ve been doing this a long time, Encore has established an impressive inventory of resources we can use to your advantage. We’re often able to accelerate delivery and minimize costs by sharing everything from knowledge and lessons learned to tangible assets like pre-designed code blocks and plug-ins.

Agile Project Management

Like all Encore engagements, we incorporate agile software engineering and project methodologies throughout the development of your custom solutions. With consistent communication and an iterative delivery approach, we are able to proactively resolve issues and implement changes throughout the process.