Dynamics 365 Path Forward

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Determine the best path forward with the current business applications you have and what new solutions to implement to meet your corporate strategies and goals.

What we offer.

The Path Forward will outline a phased approach which will involve defining the most business appropriate applications.

Our process will evaluate what you currently have in place for supporting business applications and determine the best path forward as it relates to those solutions. The Path Forward will outline a phased approach which will involve defining the most business appropriate application. We will provide a perspective of best practice and minimal enhancement. As well as the deployment of either strategic components of the core solution or leveraging functionalities from other solutions that will provide a holistic solution model that will meet the organizational needs into the future.

Completion of this engagement will provide value to your management team through the development of target state processes and system recommendations that are aligned with desired business goals and objectives. The Path Forward will provide tactical benefits to the business through the adoption of the near-term phases, as well as providing strategic benefit by the creation of a solution roadmap that will guide investment in technology. At the same time, the risk of deploying the enterprise solution(s) will be effectively managed and/or mitigated.

Current State Insight
Actionable Solution Roadmap
Effective Deployment Management
Awareness to the way that the business areas currently operate including current business processes that are stop gap interim processes to handle current solution weaknesses.
Identified with the stakeholders a plan will be defined and documented outlining an approach for introducing the target state.
The plan will identify the near-term solutions and processes as well as longer term activities, processes and solutions that will benefit the organization and the order in which they should be deployed.


Modern applications

  • Modern applications that deliver new experiences and connect with a business’ existing systems to allow organizations to digitally transform their way. Applications that use mixed reality, the ability to take an application that overlays on the reality in front of the user, that guides them through a business process like never before. Connect to information from social networks, mobile devices, and micro-applications to drive intelligence and inform a more effective business process.

Intelligence that delivers

  • Intelligence that delivers actionable insight. Data in the new world includes social, relationship, and productivity information in addition to insights generated by business systems. The right solution requires a unified approach that allows companies to automatically leverage their data to decide and act in real-time with expanded analytics, predictive algorithms, and automated AI.

Unified data and processes

  • Unified data and processes that enable business without silos. Centralized data enables disparate groups to work together effectively with a single, trusted view of processes, relationships, and data. Data connectors allow thousands of systems to bring their data to a single network.

An extensible environment

  • An extensible environment that enables change. The right solution establishes a data, communication, and application environment that makes it easy to evolve and extend existing business operations, while introducing technologies that enable users to create solutions where no solution exists and to expand data analysis.

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Your digital transformation journey begins with defining your strategy & creating a plan to achieve it.

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