Software Upgrades

Our simple, accelerated Microsoft Dynamics upgrades will get you on the latest version quickly and economically.

Why Upgrade?

  • If you pay enhancement fees to Microsoft, you are fully entitled to be using the latest version of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. Get your money’s worth!
  • Upgrading allows you take advantage of new features that were added with the feedback that you, and users like you, have provided to Microsoft.
  • If you are not on one of the two most recent versions of your Microsoft Dynamics solution, you are not covered by Microsoft’s mainstream support.
  • Upgrading is a good time to eliminate your on-premise server costs by executing your upgrade in the cloud.
  • Commencing an upgrade is a good opportunity to re-orient yourself with your Microsoft Dynamics software through training. Make sure that you’re using best practices, and explore the additional software modules you may want to use.

We’ll Upgrade You to The Latest Version Of:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 or Microsoft Dynamics AX 7
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2018
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our Upgrade Process

Step 1: Understand Your Plan

We always start by meeting with you to understand your expectations and requirements. This allows us to tailor your upgrade by providing you with personalized best practices and improvements.

Step 2: Upgrade Checklist

Every upgrade we do is accompanied by the completion of a checklist.  This checklist reaffirms that everything is accounted for, and that your upgrade can go smoothly. More complicated upgrades may need an additional Upgrade Analysis; a 90-point system inspection. From this checklist or analysis, we will estimate the cost of your upgrade.

Step 3: Execute

Finally, we execute the upgrade. After backing everything up, we conduct your upgrade in a test environment if required. We start with your databases and then move on to your customizations and integrations; fixing any code issues along the way. We finish by migrating all of your reports and forms into the updated system; adding the new application functionality; and conducting the “live upgrade” so you can start using your upgraded software.

Step 4: Training

Your upgrade ends with the training you need to be productive on your new system. This usually consists of consolidated “What’s New” training documents and sessions, but we also deliver more extensive training for new users and anyone else that needs a refresher.


Encore is always available for trouble-shooting and helps PEBA implement upgrades when necessary, allowing our investment to go further.

Jordon, Senior Financial Analyst, PEBA