Get the Most out of Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP customers can choose to stay on GP. Encore’s dedicated GP team provides comprehensive support and guidance for hundreds of GP customers. And Microsoft has committed to supporting the current version of GP through the Modern Lifecycle Policy, with three new releases every year currently planned as far as 2028.

While on GP, it’s important to stay current, for reasons like Microsoft support, compatibility with other business technologies, compliance with regulations, and the features and quality improvements in the latest build.

Your team can also become more efficient inside GP, with Encore’s help. Often, there are features already in GP that could help your team get their work done faster and with less hassle.

Benefits of Staying Current on Dynamics GP

The advantages of staying current on Dynamics GP include:

  • Compatibility: Staying current on GP keeps it compatible with other important business software like SQL, Windows Server, Exchange, and Windows.
  • Modern Lifecycle Policy: The regular updates in the current version of GP, governed by the Modern Lifecycle, reduce overall downtime and cost as compared to previous GP upgrades.
  • Compliance: Staying current helps with regulatory compliance, as with Canadian payroll and 1099 formats.
  • Features: There are features and quality improvements in the latest build that can help your team be more efficient.

If you’re on an older version of GP, staying current means upgrading to the current version of GP. Then once you’re on the current version of GP, you need to take at least one of three yearly releases to remain current.

Optimize Business Processes

To get the most out of Dynamics GP for your business, it’s helpful to document your current processes. Identify what’s working well and what’s not.

  • Are there integration points between GP and other systems you’re using?
  • Does your team have to frequently switch between applications or screens?
  • Do you have a consistent document attachment and approval process?
  • Is there a lot of manual data entry?
  • Are there any processes that can be combined or eliminated?

We can help with pain points like these, enabling you to automate or optimize processes, ease reporting, leverage an ISV solution that meets your needs, or otherwise improve your efficiency. Talk to your Encore account manager or contact us.

Learning Opportunities: Get to Know Dynamics GP Again

For most companies, there are capabilities in Dynamics GP that could help your business, but that your team isn’t yet aware of. This could be because your business processes have changed since your GP implementation. Or there could be new features in more recent versions of GP. Or perhaps it’s simply that your team has changed over the years.

Encore’s Recent GP Content

For a wide range of GP tips and tricks, check out our existing recorded webinars and blog posts explaining how to leverage GP to the fullest. Our GP Coffee Break series covers many features and processes in GP, such as:

See the full playlist.


Encore also supports our customers with training. New user onboarding is part of our Encore Care Support program, and we also offer other training as needed to our customers. Often, this as-needed training is a deeper dive into one or more of the topics covered in our Coffee Break webinars, or will address a specific gap in your team’s knowledge.

Improve the Dependability of Dynamics GP

If you choose to stay with Dynamics GP, there are two options to consider for improving the security and reliability of your system.

Host GP on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

GP is an on-premise solution that can be hosted in the cloud. GP hosted in the cloud gives customers some of the benefits of a cloud-based solution:

  • You won’t need any new servers or require maintenance to physical equipment, because your system will be hosted by Microsoft in the cloud.
  • You’ll have cloud system backups.
  • Security of your GP data will be provided by Azure.
  • You’ll be able to have remote access to GP.

Back Up Your GP Data to the Cloud

For those who don’t want GP hosted in Azure, you can still leverage the cloud to back up your data. We can help you store your data either in Azure or in a private cloud.

Having your backups hosted in the cloud increases your data security and greatly improves disaster recovery. If an event like a fire or flood affects your offices, you will be able to recover your GP data from the cloud.

Encore can help you evaluate the options of keeping GP on-premise, hosting it in Azure, or leveraging the cloud for backups.

Contact your account manager to discuss your options with GP and the cloud.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure and GP.

Leverage Power BI for Better Insights from Dynamics GP Data

You can harness the power of your Dynamics GP data with Encore’s Power BI Apps for GP. Click the preview image below to see our short eBook about this.

Screenshot of Power BI.

Power BI is a data visualization tool that lets you bridge the gaps between all your data sources. Easily transform multiple sets of information into coherent and interactive insights, unlocking valuable patterns and correlations for further exploration.

Encore’s Power BI Apps for GP are a basic way to get started with Power BI for out-of-the-box GP data. It presents information from your data in core GP modules and includes 5 pre-built reporting visuals for:

  • Executive (shown above)
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Payroll

Learn more about Encore’s Power BI Apps for GP.

Or contact us to start taking advantage of Power BI apps for GP.

Clarity Around Dynamics GP Licensing Changes

As of October 1, 2023, Enhancement Plan rates have increased by 1% and license prices for additional Dynamics GP users, both subscription and perpetual, have seen a pricing adjustment. (These changes were announced by Microsoft in April 2023.)

Microsoft also stated there will be no new sales of GP effective April 1, 2026, but this has no impact on existing customers. Existing GP customers can continue to purchase new licenses and modules through 2026 and beyond. GP Lifecycle Policies remain the same with no changes.

For more information or questions regarding these changes, please contact your Encore Account Manager.

How Encore Can Help

We want to help you get the most out of Dynamics GP for as long as you are using it.

At Encore, we have over 30 years of history and over 1,000 GP implementations under our belts. Our team is trained, certified, and skilled in every GP module.

We also have expertise across the entire Microsoft business application stack, and understand how to leverage ISVs and Microsoft’s other tools to extend the capabilities of GP and meet your changing business needs.

Based on our years of expertise and training, we can advise each of our clients on the best tools and processes for them. We’d be happy to help you design the technology roadmap for the future of your business.

Please contact us with the form below or reach out to your Encore account manager to learn more.

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