Technology Enhancements

As your business processes evolve, so should your software. Engage us to make sure your technology continues to work for you.

New Module Deployment

When you first implemented your ERP system, it’s likely that you didn’t implement every module of your software. Contact us to extend your usage of your ERP into HR, manufacturing, retail, supply chain management, project management, or anywhere else.

Solution Add-Ons

Add robust functionality to your software. If you want to enhance your user interface or bring something like time entry, payroll, e-Commerce, or marketing automation into your software stack, Encore has developed an extensive network of partners that develop their add-ons specifically for the Microsoft Dynamics software you already own.

New Process Automation

Have you added or removed an employee in the past year or changed how you do business? As the environment around a system changes, new requirements are imposed that your software can’t keep up with on its own. We’ll find ways to optimize your system for your latest operations and plans for growth.


If you have two existing software systems that don’t transmit data, you could be wasting time on error-prone duplicate entry. Our system integrators have deep experience with various read and write scenarios in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM.


The data inside your ERP system can feel shut off from the world. Our Business Intelligence solutions and dashboards are designed to instantly provide stakeholders with the information they need to make decisions; no manual data procurement