Winnipeg, MB (Head Office)

Encore was founded in Winnipeg in 1990. We’ve grown our team and our client base across almost every state and province in North America since then, but our home office is still in Winnipeg.

Our history in the area is reflected in the long list of clients we have nearby — in fields like agriculture, construction, transportation, and many more.

Seattle, WA

Our Seattle, Washington office provides a hub for Encore’s operations in the United States, which include clients and team members all across the country, from Washington State itself to Texas to Ohio.

Encore’s clients in the US cover a wide range of industries and sizes, and we have deep proficiencies in manufacturing, professional services, distribution and wholesale, and healthcare.

Calgary, AB

Encore’s Calgary office serves as the center of our operations in Alberta, Canada. We have customers and team members across Alberta in Calgary, Edmonton, Grand Prairie, and beyond.

 In Alberta, our clients are well representative of the province: the majority are in the energy industry, but we also have a fair number of construction, services, and technology clients.

Across Canada and the USA

Beyond Encore’s three central offices, our team (and our clients) are located throughout Canada and the United States.

We look to hire the best talent – and our customers are seeking to work with the best partner for them.

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