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Important: These results are an approximation based on the information that you have provided. Always talk to an Office 365 consultant before choosing your version.

Overall, your best fit is Office 365 Enterprise E3.

To buy Office 365 Enterprise E3 now, contact us.

To come up with your recommendation, we ran your response through an algorithm that generates a score for each potential solution. Here are your scores:

Office 365 Business: -100
Office 365 Business Essentials: -100
Office 365 Business Premium: 0
Office 365 ProPlus: -100
Office 365 Enterprise E1: -68
Office 365 Enterprise E3: 146
Office 365 Enterprise E5: 110

Please note that incomplete responses may result in a skewed recommendation. Also, check your scores for a near tie (within about 25 points).

Office 365 Enterprise E3 costs $20.00/user/month. Your total cost would be $500.00/month, plus any fees for dedicated support or migrating your existing data. You can Contact Us to purchase and start your migration!

Notice: Advanced Features

You indicated that you wanted 3 feature(s) that are only available in the Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, or E5 versions. If you can do without some of these features, you might be a better match for a less expensive product. Alternatively, many of these features can be purchased as a stand-alone add-on. Please contact us for more information.

  • Manual Retention Policies (E1/E3/E5)
  • eDiscovery/Legal Hold (E3/E5 only)
  • Advanced Threat Protection (E5 only)

Submission Data:

Exchange : Yes
Apps : Yes
OneDrive : 1TB
BI : No
Broadcast : No
Phonecalls : No
Security : 7
Retention : Yes
eDiscovery : Yes
ATP : Yes
Lockbox : No
Revenue : 1
Seat_Count : 25
Monthly : 25
Flexibility : Yes