Encore Business Solutions Announces its Partnership with The Women in Technology Network

Encore Business Solutions officially announced its alliance with The Women in Technology (WIT) Network, a global and local nonprofit providing education, mentoring, networking, and practical advice to empower women (and men) in the technology industry.

For more than thirty years, Encore’s governing principals have propelled the company to become one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics Partners in North America. The company’s value of being ‘Driven’ (being better tomorrow than today) is the force behind their recent outreach to the internationally celebrated WIT Network.

“It was such a delight to welcome and onboard Encore Business Solutions to The WIT Network! Their journey to becoming a member did not follow the typical ‘sales cycle’, where we build relationships with executive sponsors and nurture the team to a membership level that meets their requirements. Encore Business Solutions came to us!” said Doreen Sebben, Executive Director of WIT Network.

Providing open paths to every employee, partner, and client is fundamentally essential to Encore. Not only is it inherent in their operational approaches, but also in leadership’s navigation towards the company’s desired future.

Executive Director Sebben went on to explain that “I knew I put Ken Chartrand, CEO of Encore, on the spot when I asked him: ‘How does it feel to be the only man on a call with all these women?’ His presence alone was more than a gracious response. Ken and his team are already committed to bridging the gender gap and The WIT Network is very pleased to help them achieve their goals. When the most senior leader joins the first onboarding call, we know we are working with a partner that is committed from the top down and the bottom up.”

Beyond becoming a member, Encore immediately recognized the upcoming WIT Network International Women’s Day 2022 Conference on March 8, 2022 as a perfect sponsorship opportunity to make a difference in The WIT Network’s mission and for the communities they wish to support. This event joins some of the most thoughtful, professional minds in North America who are focused on bringing effective change for the betterment of both women and men.

“It’s difficult to fully relay how grateful we are to The WIT Network for both their action-oriented approach to a belief that we hold true and for allowing us to participate at a level where we can enable change,” says Ken Chartrand, CEO of Encore Business Solutions. “We feel that there is not a more authentic way to inclusion than by learning other people’s perspectives. The WIT Network provides forums to do just that and all of Encore is eager to learn more.”

Encore understands that progress takes effort, commitment, and investment. Partnering with The WIT Network is one critical step of many along the journey to where everyone feels heard, seen, and valued. The Microsoft Partner is looking forward to many more opportunities to grow the awareness and understanding that all people regardless of gender, race, background, situation, or orientation must have the same opportunities.

Please learn more about The WIT Network here.