Encore Business Solutions Is One of the First Microsoft Partners to Earn a Solutions Partner Designation

Encore Business Solutions (Encore) is pleased to announce that they earned a Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation for proficiency in Business Applications. Proud to be among the first partners to be recognized in Microsoft’s new Cloud Partner Program, Encore is now distinguished for their deep technical expertise, having also attained a specialization in Small and Midsize Business Management. As the Microsoft cloud partner community now grows to over 400,000, this position ensures that Encore maintains its three-decade-long track record of unceasing commitment to and consistent alignment with Microsoft’s evolution. It also solidifies the company’s stance as a top leader in the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

“Congratulations! Your organization has attained a Solutions Partner designation in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. Your organization is one of the first Microsoft partners to attain this designation and I’m excited to celebrate this achievement with you.” Nicole Dezen, Chief Partner Office and Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft’s new Cloud Partner Program that came into effect October 3, 2022, addresses how companies seek out new core business systems and the partnerships needed to fully implement and support them. This program streamlines and concentrates their legacy Microsoft Gold and Silver Competencies which were awarded to partners based on a series of strenuous testing, revenue metrics, proven experience, and client testimonials. While this criterion is still in play inside the new designation system, there is now stringent focus on specific capabilities that align with how companies see their own requirements. It also places high value on each client’s overall user adoption and how extensively the systems impact overall business success.

Encore welcomes the new Solutions Partner Designations as an extension of its own philosophies. These emphases bring the market’s perspective of “success” to the forefront which aligns with Encore’s own measure of success. As a partner that sets high value on expanding its own skill sets, enabling clients, and increasing customer satisfaction, this program gives the company an additional roadmap to achieve its operational and service goals.

“It’s no secret that Encore is a sincere champion of Microsoft’s ERP and CRM business solutions. Not only do we believe that these systems are the springboards for both SMB and enterprise success, but we also believe that Microsoft leads a true visionary future for all business technology,” said Ken Chartrand, CEO of Encore Business Solutions. “This new partner program is just another example of how Microsoft leads by example, illustrating that by putting the customer’s needs at the core of your perspective, a partner can truly help them achieve scalable growth.”

Since its founding year of 1990, the partner remains committed to the operational vision and business process leadership that Microsoft solutions provide. Encore now sets its sights on expanding the company’s awarded designations, which in turn will ensure that their implementation and support teams stay ahead of the always evolving Microsoft landscape. This commitment will also further enable them to empower companies of all sizes and industries to not only succeed, but to also stay agile in rapidly changing environments. As the company’s core driving mission, it sees its partnership with Microsoft as not only a business strategy but the key to sustainable growth for both Encore and their clients.