Add power to Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList with Advanced SmartList, a cost-effective query tool

Please be aware that Advanced SmartList for Dynamics GP is now property of Blue Moon Industries as part of their larger acquisition of Encore’s Dynamics GP add-on products.

Advanced SmartList and other Dynamics GP-enhancing solutions are now available by contacting ChannelManagement@BlueMoonISV.com or by calling 401-276-9000.

Advanced SmartList adds power to the existing SmartList application in Dynamics GP by giving users of all levels the ability to create advanced customized inquiries which result in easier, faster access to the information stored in Dynamics GP.


Advanced SmartList Features

Advanced SmartList is the right solution for those who need to manipulate their GP SmartList data for quick analysis.

Simple & Easy to Use

Suitable for any Microsoft Dynamics GP user, Advanced SmartList will help you analyze financial data and improve your business intelligence. Endorsed as one of the most useful Dynamics GP add-ons for speed and ease of use, Advanced SmartList also offers flexible data manipulation and navigation capabilities.

Summarize SmartList Data

  • Drag column headers to group by columns and define subtotals.
  • Within the grid row each column has pop-up menu options including Sum, Min, Max, Count, Average or None.

Sort, Filter, and Group

  • Sort on multiple fields
  • Filter by field or column
  • Group transactional data
  • Add functions and totals to groups

Quick Export

Export to a variety of formats including PDF, Text, HTML, CSV, Tab Delimited, MHT, Rich Text, Graphic and XML
Generate reports on various platforms including PDF and HTML


Video & Rich Content

Advanced SmartList Demo


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If this is your first time downloading this Encore Product, get your free 30-day keys here or contact us for more information. Build download is compatible with Office 2013 and higher.  Please contact us if Office 2010 compatible build is needed.

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