Simplify Your Bank Reconciliation Process Within Microsoft Dynamics GP

Please be aware that Bank Reconciliation Tools for Dynamics GP is now property of Blue Moon Industries as part of their larger acquisition of Encore’s Dynamics GP add-on products.

Bank Reconciliation Tools and other Dynamics GP-enhancing solutions are now available by contacting ChannelManagement@BlueMoonISV.com or by calling 401-276-9000.

Bank Reconciliation Tools includes either Account Reconciler or Auto Reconciler. They dramatically simplify the reconciliation process by allowing users to balance General Ledger accounts and checkbooks easily inside Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Account Reconciler

Account Reconciler allows users to reconcile their bank statements—including multicurrency transactions—using the transactions that are posted to the checkbook’s general ledger account.

Auto Reconciler

Import transactions from an external file source to automatically match bank transactions with Microsoft Dynamics GP checkbook transactions. Compatible with both Encore’s Account Reconciler and Dynamics GP Bank Reconciliation, Auto Reconciler especially appeals to companies with a large volume of bank transactions.


Bank Reconciliation Tools Features

Bank Reconciliation Tools is the right solution for those who need to reconcile all transactions posted to the GL account associated with a checkbook.

Reconcile With Ease

  • Select a Microsoft Dynamics GP checkbook, identify originating currency and translate currency into the functional checkbook currency.
  • All transactions posted through the GL account are available for reconciliation.
  • Change your filter view to display only cleared or un-cleared items.
  • Filter transactions by selecting from a list of criteria including Date, Source Doc., Journal ID and Document Number.

Reconciliation Insights

  • Identify how long it takes for checks or deposits to clear the bank using the Average Days to Clear Analysis window.
  • Multiple reports are available such as Detail, Summary, Adjustments, Deposits in Transit, Outstanding Checks, Deposits and Disbursements and Reconciled Reports.
  • Zoom to the original transaction from the Account Reconciler window.

Automatic Reconciliation

  • Define and import preferred file format type (i.e. comma delimited, fixed length) to use in the matching process.
  • Automatically match payments and deposits from your bank eliminating the time consuming task of manually matching entries against the bank statement.
  • Manage large volumes of bank transactions.
  • Print detailed reports showing all transactions that are Cleared and Not Cleared.


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