Email paystubs, T4s, T4As, and R1s through Dynamics GP with ePayStub for Canadian Payroll

Make your Canadian Payroll paystubs, T4s, T4As, and R1s paperless. ePayStub for Canadian Payroll enables you to email employee paystubs and T4s, T4As, and R1s through Microsoft Dynamics GP.


ePayStub Features

ePayStub is the right solution for those who want to email their Canadian employees pay documents: paystubs, T4s, T4As, or R1s.

Secure Delivery

Retain control over the transit of sensitive pay documents to your employees. With employee permission, T4s and T4As can be sent directly to their email.

Varied Formats

You can chose from PDF or HTML delivery format. Use Adobe Acrobat Writer Pro or Standard to create PDFs. The T4/T4A report template is available upon request.

Easy Maintenance

ePayStub for Canadian Payroll can be installed in only a few steps. Once ePayStub is up and running, maintenance is simple – especially with the help of our dedicated team.

Send in Batches

ePayStub for Canadian Payroll allows you to send paystub documents in a batch to all of your employees. This is done from the cheque reports window with a single click.

Request a T4/T4A Report Package for Canadian Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP


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