Catalyst for Dynamics 365 Sales - Overview

With Catalyst for D365 Sales, we begin your implementation with a core package of best-practice configurations that get your project moving faster and simplify user training and adoption.

Dynamics 365 solutions are very flexible, so that you can configure almost anything — but you don't need to specially configure everything. Catalyst starts your implementation off with proven interface and data settings based on our experience with other customers like you.

Then we can focus our effort on the smaller number of special configurations needed to fit the more unique or challenging needs of your business.

Faster Implementation

  • Less of your team’s time needed to talk through the basics of your D365 Sales configuration.
  • Less billable time needed to get the foundational steps of your implementation done.
  • More focus on the special configurations that matter to your business: enabling your integrations, solving your pain points, and supporting your unique business processes.

Faster Training and User Adoption

By providing an enhanced interface in Dynamics 365, we make it faster to train new users, and more enjoyable for them to learn.

We’ve streamlined each screen to show your salespeople only what’s relevant for their role.

We also make it easier to cross-train people into new areas, because the main screens (leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities) have a more unified overall look and feel.


D365 Sales Catalyst Features

We've removed all fields not directly relevant to salespeople, making it easier for your sales team to find and focus on the most important information.

Easier export and import of data, because we've added a record ID (aka "autonumber") for each record, and automatic masking on phone numbers.

More intuitive physical address interface, with Bing Maps and address autocomplete embedded for all record types.

Easier tracking of all interactions with any record through a separate activities tab.

Relationship assistant (from Sales Accelerator) provides guidance on next steps to salespeople right within the lead, account, or opportunity record itself.

Bing Maps Embedded

We include Bing Maps right in your Dynamics 365 interface, so when a user starts entering an address, they’ll see a visual representation of where that address is located.

Address Autocomplete

You’ll experience increased accuracy and reduced need for manual entry on addresses with this autocomplete feature.

Streamlined Interface

Each screen in the interface is focused to show your users only the information they need at that moment of the sales process.

This makes your team more efficient in their day-to-day, and makes training new staff faster and easier. For example, review the streamlined lead screen:

Cohesive User Experience

We’ve added consistent column sizing and tabs (summary, addresses, and timeline, for instance) across all 4 main record types: leads, accounts, opportunities, and contacts.

This makes the user experience more consistent when trying to find data. For example, here’s the opportunity screen, which you can compare to the lead screen on the left:


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