Encore Umbrella

Protect Your Business From the Storm

The Encore Umbrella protects your servers, users and assets from potential cybersecurity threats as well as securing your ERP and hosted solutions across the organization. The program offers protection from the storm, and can scale as needed. The Bronze Umbrella includes Office 365 security configuration and review, allowing threat detection for your Microsoft online services. Bronze features include SSO, MFA, and Azure AD vulnerability detection. The Silver Umbrella focuses on server and disaster recovery management including connectivity troubleshooting, alerting for servers, antivirus, and update management. The Gold Umbrella includes the best of both worlds. This allows managed maintenance and security for applications and infrastructure, providing the most robust level of protection. The Gold package adds Office 365 security audits, Azure AD Risk investigations, and Azure/Office 365 Advisory hours.

  • Bronze
  • $12 USD/user/month
  • ($18 CAD)
  • Self Service Password Reset & Password Policy Audit
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Office 365 Basic Security Setup
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure AD Vulnerability Detection
  • More Detail
  • Silver
  • $175 USD/server/month
  • ($200 CAD)
  • Monthly Updates
  • Critical Performance Issue Resolution
  • Connectivity Problem Resolution
  • Premiere Microsoft Support Escalation
  • Azure Managed Backup Services
  • More Detail
  • Gold
  • Requires Evaluation
  • Contact us for more information about Gold
  • Self Service Password Reset & Password Policy Audit
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Office 365 Basic Security Setup
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure AD Vulnerability Detection
  • Office 365 Security Audits
  • Azure AD Risk Event Investigation
  • Infrastructure Security Audits
  • Azure / Office 365 Advisory Hours
  • More Detail


Bronze Package – $12 USD/user/month ($18 CAD)

  • Self Service Password Reset & Password Policy Audit – Tired of all the support calls to reset user’s passwords? Allow us to setup self service resets and audit your password policies to increase your organization’s security.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication –
    Allow our team to setup MFA and train your users on how to use it.
  • Office 365 Basic Security Setup –
    Allow our team audit your Office 365 security and make recommendations to help your organization become more secure.
  • Advanced Threat Protection –
    Allow us to configure Office 365 advanced threat protection to help protect your users from phishing attacks & malicious emails.
  • Azure AD Vulnerability Detection –
    Allow our team to alert you in real time when your Azure AD users are compromised so that you can take immediate action to protect your business.

Silver Package – $175 USD/server/month ($200 CAD)

  • Monthly Updates –
    Allow our team to make sure your systems are protected and ready for the latest threats by applying the latest updates on a monthly basis.
  • Critical Performance Issue Resolution –
    Got performance problems? Let our team of skilled experts assist.
  • Connectivity Problem Resolution –
    Allow our team to make sure the connection to your servers is always available.
  • Premiere Microsoft Support Escalation –
    Allow us to skip the line with Microsoft for you and get your issues resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Azure Managed Backup Services –
    Make sure your systems are fully backed up off-site in case of ransomware or a disaster.

Gold Package – Requires infrastructure evaluation, pricing dependent on outcome of evaluation

  • Office 365 Security Audits –
    Allow the Encore team of experts to routinely review your office 365 settings and make sure your organization is a secure as possible.
  • Azure AD Risk Event Investigation –
    Our experts will review your azure AD sign in events and help setup policies that protect your company from unauthorized users.
  • Infrastructure Security Audits –
    Our team of experts will audit your internal and cloud infrastructure for security holes and make recommendations to improve your company security.
  • Azure / Office 365 Advisory Hours –
    Our team will assist you in setting up all your security settings in azure and office 365 to make sure you understand the system and can administer it effectively.
Server Management Bronze Silver Gold
Monitoring and Alerting
Bitdefender Anti-Virus Deployment and Alerting
Monthly Updates
Resolution of Critical Performance Issues
Resolution of Access or Connection Issues
Premier Microsoft Support Escalation
Disaster Recovery
Azure Managed Backup Services
Resolution of Azure Backup Errors
Azure to On Prem Backup Services
Office 365 Configuration
Self Service Password Reset & Password Policies
Multi-Factor Authentication
Basic Security Configuration
Threat Management
Advanced Threat Management Email Security
Azure AD Vulnerability Detection
Azure AD Risk Based Conditional Access
Azure AD Risk Event Investigations
Office 365 Security Audits
Infrastructure Security Audits
Support Services
Azure / Office 365 Support & Advisory Hours


Contact us to learn more about the Bronze, Silver or Gold Encore Umbrella package: