Custom Solutions

In addition to our Applications for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Encore has developed several plug-in customizations for Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Custom Solutions

Enhanced Customer Statement

Many industries prefer credit card style customer statements. With Encore’s Enhanced Customer Statement you’ll be able to effortlessly generate customer-friendly statements that show the statement beginning balance equal to the previous month ending balance with the option to include full invoice line item detail. Not only will you deliver superior customer service by showing the details your customers need, but you’ll reduce time spent responding to billing questions too!

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Investor Relationship Manager

Investor Relationship Manager seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and allows users to coordinate, monitor and manage various types of third party investments including shareholder investments and equities such as stock certificates and dividends.

  • Track details relating to investor holdings and share certificates
  • Increased control and security over investor management process
  • Deliver timely information to shareholders
  • Increased shareholder satisfaction

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Mass Billing

With Mass Billing you can easily create invoices in Sales Order Processing or Invoicing from a simple one window template for all or selected groups of your customers. You can also create mass returns in Invoicing. With Mass Billing you can:

  • Select a range of customers by manually marking them.
  • Select a range of customers by the class assigned to them.
  • Select a range of customers by user-defined group assigned to them.
  • Override standard price on customer-by-customer basis.
  • Bill one or more of the same items to all or selected customers.
  • Bill a different quantity for each customer.
  • Override default accounts for sales and account receivable (invoicing only).

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