CRM, Purpose-Built For Financial Services Firms

Differentiate your Financial Services organization from the big banks with phenomenal customer service.

The Encore Advantage for Financial Services

After hundreds of hours of consultation with our Credit Union and Financial Services clients, Encore has developed a ready-to-go Dynamics CRM environment that promises to get any firm up and running quickly.

We don’t pretend that our solution will fit every organization perfectly. Instead, our CRM for financial services is a starting point that you can customize, extend, and optimize – with less up-front work on setup and deployment.

  • Powered by Dynamics CRM: take advantage of billions in R&D, integration with the rest of the Microsoft stack, and guaranteed maintenance.
  • Our CRM is 100% configurable to your business processes.
  • With Encore as your partner for Dynamics CRM and the latest productivity software, we are your sole point of contact for integration, uptime, support, and improvements.

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What You Can Do With Dynamics CRM

Integrate With Your Current Systems

Consolidate your disorganized customer information systems, loans information systems, and wealth information systems.  Our CRM team are experts at CRM data integrations with popular banking systems like Credential, Finserv DNA and Temenos T24.  We pull product and customer information from these systems and provide you with a single source of truth.

Know Everything About Your Members

Open a members’ profile and access their contact information, asset & liability mix, sources of income, financial goals, credit checks, recent transactions, and whatever else you want to know.  Open CRM in your browser or phone instead of pulling multiple reports.

Segment & Communicate with Your Members Based on Their Profile

Group your members by their net worth or other variables, and set up automated notifications, tasks, and emails to dictate the touchpoints that these members receive.

Create a Clean Member Experience

Allow your members to access all of their information from their web browsers or mobile phones.  Your managers will be ready for an account review at the drop of a hat with wealth products, personal information, and notes right at their fingertips.

Real-time Sales and Opportunity Tracking

Rather than relying on manual reporting that passes through regional managers and poorly-constructed Excel documents, capture sales opportunities in real-time and compare them to targets, forecasts, and KPIs.  Get this information on demand, rather than monthly or quarterly.  Know where your referrals are coming from; by individual or by branch.

Included Financial Institution Dashboards

We have a collection of dashboards and reports used by our financial services customers at our disposal. Augment these and work with our CRM team to make sure you’re reporting on the data that you want to see.


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