Stay In Control With Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Keep your company data secure, even as your employees demand BYOD and streamlined access to systems.

The Encore Advantage

At Encore, 65% of our team works from home on a regular basis (when they aren’t visiting clients). We know first-hand the challenges that go along with providing access to company data in a way that is secure, convenient, and productive.

Encore works with multiple tools to help you manage all of your devices, documents, networks, and security rights with ease. This is a huge time saver for your IT department.

  • We take the complexity out of interacting with Microsoft’s various SLAs, support centers, and billing departments.
  • Integrate Microsoft EMS into your greater cloud strategy: Encore can handle all your cloud needs.
  • We provide immediate access to elevated support levels via our Tier-1 Microsoft status.

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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is for organizations that want to retain control over their company data while offering flexible working arrangements.

Enhanced User Authentication

  • Allow an employee to sign-in to any cloud or on-premise software with just their Microsoft login.
  • Two-factor authentication and self-service password resets.
  • Block access based on the meta-data associated with access requests, and report on this information.

Centralized Device and Application Management

  • Allow your employees’ personal devices to securely connect to company data through custom or Microsoft-developed apps.
  • Associate an unlimited number of devices to an employees’ Active Directory profile.
  • Employees retain control over their devices; IT is in charge of restricting data flow to the device.

Secure Rights Management

  • Control access rights to all company documents, networks and devices in one solution.
  • Protect sensitive information down to the individual document, device, or user level.
  • Ensure terminated employees are immediately removed with no access to devices and documents.

Advanced Threat Analytics

  • Big-data analysis of access requests for anomalous behavior and suspicious activities.
  • Detection of malicious attacks as they happen, with user-defined workflow actions for responding to issues.
  • Proactive analysis and alerts for known and emerging risks.


Microsoft EMS Resources

We've pulled together some essential resources so you can dig into Microsoft EMS's functionality and advantages.

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