Run It In The Microsoft Cloud

Use Microsoft Azure to transform your IT infrastructure into a secure, scalable, and reliable operating expense.

The Encore Advantage for Azure

Encore offers guidance and support for every single product and service option available from Microsoft Azure. Whatever your scenario, our cloud team will help you find the most cost-effective, scalable, and secure solution for your needs.

Our decades of experience with ERP and CRM software – and our early adoption of Dynamics ERP in Azure – mean that we’re as good as anyone in the world at moving your ERP system to the cloud.

  • We stay up-to-date in the latest Azure developments. Plan your journey to the cloud with an eye to the future.
  • Leverage our experience to make sense of Azure’s extremely complicated pricing and product options.
  • Moving to the cloud is all about less risk. With Encore as your partner for Azure and other systems, we are your sole point of contact for uptime, support, and improvements.

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Microsoft Azure Features

Microsoft Azure is the right solution for organizations that want to outsource their computing, hosting, and networking infrastructure.

Optimized for Anything

  • Use Azure’s products for any business purpose including computation, data storage, networking services, or application hosting services.
  • Use specialized offers from Encore for hosting your Microsoft Dynamics GP or NAV in the cloud.
  • Consult with Encore to understand which of Azure’s many cloud offerings make the most sense for your business.

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More Secure Than Your Servers

  • We partner with Microsoft because they comply with the most comprehensive set of global and industry certifications of any cloud service provider.
  • A large, dedicated security team publishes constant security releases, updates, and patches keep your data safe.
  • As a Canadian Cloud Partner, Encore ensures that data resides within our home borders.

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Scalable & Cost-Efficient

  • Going with the cloud means savings on maintenance, hardware, and power – up to 25% every year.
  • Adding resources in the cloud can be done in a few clicks.
  • You’ll only pay for the processing power you use – no more spending on inactive headroom.

Uptime Guaranteed

  • Microsoft offers general uptime guarantees, as well as advanced guarantees above 99% on an SLA-basis.
  • Encore provides access to 24/7 live support, with a direct line to elevated support levels.


Azure Resources

We've pulled together some essential resources so you can dig into Azure's functionality and advantages.

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