A Scalable All-in-one IT Solution, Purpose Built for Franchisors

Stay in control of your Franchise's brand, mitigate legal risk, and unlock growth with Franchising1st.

The Encore Advantage for Franchisors

As a technology partner of the Canadian Franchise Association, Encore has brought the Franchising1st platform to Canada to help more Franchises achieve their vision.

Franchising1st is an intranet, Franchise Relationship Management, device management, and communication platform. It is powered by the security and capability of the world’s best cloud platform: Microsoft.

  • Franchising1st includes all the technology you need to manage your Franchise system – from basic IT needs to customized Franchising processes.
  • Grow your franchise with instant scaling and improved efficiency.
  • Communicate protocol to your Franchisees with branded territory portals.
  • Analyze Franchisee, territory, and location performance.


Franchising1st Features

Franchising1st is built inside-out for Franchisors and Franchisees. It integrates Office 365, Azure, EMS, CRM Online, and more to present a solution that is embedded with common franchise terminology and configurable processes.

All IT Included

  • Franchising1st includes all of the IT you need to run your franchise system: from email, calendars, and devices to CRM and training portals.
  • Franchising1st is billed on a per-user basis. Adding Franchisees, users and territories scales directly with your user count.
  • Franchising1st includes unlimited support through Encore Business Solutions.

Franchisee Management & Recruitment

  • Track every aspect of your relationships with your Franchisees from the cradle to the grave.
  • Franchisees interact with branded territory portals for training and communications.
  • All management, logins, and communication is conducted via a central Franchisee database.

Protect Your Brand

  • Ensure uniform product and service delivery across all Franchisees with configurable process maps and file repositories.
  • Integrated company-wide training video portals.

Eliminate Legal Risks and Costs

  • Franchising1st is configurable so that all communications with Franchisees are in accordance with your contract, regulations, and code of conduct.
  • Franchising1st stores a complete and paperless audit trail of all actions and communications between Franchisor and Franchisee in the case of litigation.


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