Protect Your Business & Connect Your Team with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 helps your team stay effective and engaged as they work from anywhere. Collaborate with Teams, share files with SharePoint & OneDrive, and communicate securely with Outlook & Exchange servers. Experience a modern work environment.

(Note: Technically, the Office 365 Business plans were renamed in 2020 to "Microsoft 365" plans. Most of our customers still call those plans Office 365. And the Office 365 Enterprise plans have not changed names.)

Encore: Your Office 365 Partner

Why do businesses choose Encore for their Office 365 partner?

  • We phase out your implementation — no more implementation budget surprises
  • We dig into your business model, understand your processes, and advise you on the best tools for your current and future needs.
  • We provide user onboarding and training, areas that are often overlooked.
  • Ongoing support for your Office 365 through Encore Care.
  • We also provide access to elevated Microsoft support levels via Encore’s Tier-1 Microsoft status.

Our history of success with highly complicated ERP implementations means that we operate at a higher level of business impact than “productivity-only” partners.

  • Integrate Office 365 with your Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM apps, Power BI, and the Power Platform and more.
  • Partner with Encore to fit Office 365 into the greater context of your technology strategy.
  • Our experience with remote work stretches back more than a decade, and we can guide your decision-making about work-from-home security and productivity.
  • We help you access free security scores and analysis via Office 365, to find the vulnerabilities in your cyber-security strategy.
  • We can provide enterprise mobility & security tools to further protect your business.

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Office 365 Features


Office 365 offers powerful security options for your company, protecting you from email-based attacks, malware, and more. And Encore, as your Office 365 partner, provides free security analysis, to help you keep your team and your data safe.

If you need the most advanced protection, please contact us to learn about the many options available.


With Microsoft Teams chat and videocalls, leaders can help their employees stay connected and effective whether they’re working from home, the office, or anywhere else.

You can also enable a complete phone system through Teams, rendering landlines and separate “work” phones unnecessary.

And Office 365 is easy to use wherever work happens. You can use the apps on up to 5 phones, 5 tablets, and 5 desktops/laptops per license.


Modern apps like Teams, SharePoint, and Planner enable workers to focus on what matters most, and enable leaders to track productivity and help everyone meet their goals.


Encore provides you with regular usage reviews and support through Encore Care.

Also, as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we have direct access to elevated Microsoft support levels, which means you’ll get help on the toughest problems faster.


Office 365 Resources

We've pulled together some essential resources so you can dig into Office 365's functionality and advantages.

Video & Rich Content

Migrating Your Business Applications to the Cloud


Office 365 — Focus on Teams


Disaster Recovery with Office 365 & Microsoft Cloud




Office 365 Pricing

Here is pricing information for some of the most popular Office 365 plans. Please contact us to explore alternate licensing options.

Based on the contract commitment, the per user per month price may differ from the price listed below. All pricing is subject to change without notice. Contact Encore for the most current product pricing and available contract options.

  • Office 365 Business Premium
    (Microsoft 365 Business Standard)
  • Starting at
    $12.50/user/month USD
  • ($16.00 CAD)
  • Up to 300 Users
  • Desktop & Online Office Applications
    (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Business Class Email & Calendar
  • OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams & Yammer
  • Contact Us
  • Office 365 Enterprise
  • Starting at
    $10.00/user/month USD
  • ($12.80 CAD)
  • More than 300 Users
  • Online Office Applications only
    (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Business Class Email & Calendar
  • OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams & Yammer
  • Exchange Online Protection for your email system
  • Contact Us
  • Office 365 Enterprise
  • Starting at
    $38.00/user/month USD
  • ($50.60 CAD)
  • More than 300 Users
  • Desktop & Online Office Applications
    (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Business Class Email & Calendar
  • OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams & Yammer
  • Exchange Online Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Contact Us

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