Oversee multiple projects in Dynamics GP with Encore's Project Tracking Add-On

Please be aware that Project Tracking for Dynamics GP is now property of Blue Moon Industries as part of their larger acquisition of Encore’s Dynamics GP add-on products.

Project Tracking and other Dynamics GP-enhancing solutions are now available by contacting ChannelManagement@BlueMoonISV.com or by calling 401-276-9000.

Customizable features facilitate an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain connection between company financials and project activities. Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics has been accredited as one of the most useful Dynamics GP add-ons for its flexibility, data integrity, and powerful analysis capabilities.

"We looked at a lot of job costing options and most are way more complex and way more costly, and job costing doesn’t need to be that complicated. Project Tracking works great!"

Director, Financial Planning & Analysis, Data Dimensions, Joseph Raguse

A Great Alternative to Dynamics GP Project Accounting

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics is an easy–to-setup project tracking solution that connects financial transactions with project revenue and expenses. The seamless integration with Dynamics GP leverages existing setup and workflow, saving you time and maximizing efficiency. This flexible solution is customizable  to most any business.

  • Allows you to maintain a streamlined Chart of Accounts by providing the ability to track project information outside of the Chart of Accounts.
  • Integrates with all the core modules of Dynamics GP.
  • Tracks budget versus actual and reports on variances.
  • Quickly assign a transaction to one or more projects from within Dynamics GP at the time of transaction entry.
  • Quick to implement & short learning curve.


Project Tracking Features

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics is the right solution for those that want to go beyond the project accounting functionality in Dynamics GP.

Flexible & Easy-to-Use

  • Manage projects that extend beyond fiscal year end.
  • Copy project distributions when using the copy functionality in Sales Order Processing and in the General Ledger module.
  • Enable quick entry in payables.

Improve and Control Data Integrity

  • Restrict access to any user or project separately.
  • Close one or many projects at a single time.
  • Auto generate project numbering for audit purposes.
  • Manage multiple projects.
  • Create or revise budgets to the same level of project detail to improve performance, monitor and control your project activities”

Powerful Analysis

  • Group, filter and sort data with a simple drag and drop feature.
  • Calculate data with sum, min and max functionality.
  • Generate a variety of pre-configured ad hoc reports and save for future use.
  • Analyze one or multiple projects at a single time.

Extend With Budgeting

With the level of detail allowed by Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, some organizations decide to take project management one step further and create project budgets to the same level of detail. Project Tracking Budgeting allows you to easily create or revise project-level budgets improving performance monitoring and project control.

Import With Ease

Whether you need to perform a one-time project data load or an ongoing integration from an external application, reduce the effort required to import data into Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics by using Project Tracking Importer.

Project Tracking Lite

Encore also offers a scaled back version of Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics. It gives you the power to oversee your business with instant access to in-depth and accurate reporting of your company’s payables transactions.


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