Support Process

Support by Encore is available to users when they encounter a malfunction or require assistance with the applications and functions that they are unable to rectify or solve themselves or with their internal support team. These situations can be escalated to Encore’s Client Support Service Team, who can assist in reviewing and solving the situation.

Hours of Operation

Encore’s Client Support Services Team is available to assist you. Our standard operating hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 7:00 pm Central / 6:30 am – 5:00pm Pacific


When a user encounters a situation where assistance is required by Encore’s Client Support Services, the user contacts Client Support Services through our 2 methods: email or online.




To ensure optimal assistance we recommend providing as much information in the initial request:

SUBJECT: Account Name, Module and/or Error Experiencing

  • A screenshot of any errors generated or recording of the issue
    • To open Steps Recorder, select the Start button
    • In Windows 10 select Window Accessories > Steps Recorder
    • In Windows 7 or 8.1 Accessories > Problem Steps Recorder
    • Select Start Record
  • Current version of the software that you are using and/or Build number
    • Dynamics GP 2016, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX 2012
    • 3.6000.444, 16.00.0404,
  • The module that you were using when the error or problem occurred, if known.
  • Is the issue preventing you from completing your work?

Are you aware of any changes to your environment recently?

  • Upgrade to a new version; new service pack or software; Windows or Group Policy updates, new setups or changes to existing setups; a new or modified customization, etc.
  • Is the issue/error repeatable? If so, please provide the steps.
    • What are the expected results?
    • What are the actual results?


Inquires received will be managed by the Client Support Services Dispatcher who generates a case and issues a case number. The contents of the request will be placed in the support queue, evaluated and triaged based on Encore Support Priority Levels.

Support Priority Levels


Upon case creation, an email acknowledgement with case number will be issued to confirm receipt of the request.


Our Client Support Services Specialist monitors the queue and will take ownership of these cases based on their specific expertise and priority level1. The Specialist will review and inform the user2 of the request:

  • Assigned Specialist
  • Define the issue
  • Schedule
  • Resolution Plan


Resolution time of each request will vary. Upon acknowledgement of the request by the assigned Specialist many tactical steps may be needed:

  • Meeting(s) with end user for issue clarification
  • Research and Iterative Testing
  • Escalation to Developer or ISV
  • Ongoing Communication Updates


The Specialist will work with the end user to execute on proposed solution and/or workaround3, to test and confirm that the proposed solution solved the reported issue. This process may be an iterative process; if the proposed solution does not solve the reported issues, further solutioning may be required.


Upon resolution acceptance from the end user, the case will be closed as completed.

 1Priority 4 Cases will be assigned and scheduled within 2 weeks of request.

2If Client Support Service Specialist does not hear back from the user within 24-hours the case will be closed. Cases can be reported after 24-hours and the case can be reopened, or a new case will be issued.

3There are times where reported issues are due to (un)known issues reported by the software developer.  In these cases, a workaround may need to be proposed if a solution has not yet been released, or not available on the software version currently in use.  Root Cause Analysis is not available.