Support Process

Encore Care Support is available to our clients needing assistance with their applications, services, and technologies. Learn more about our Support Process below.

Hours of Operation

Encore’s Client Support Services Team is available to assist you. Our standard operating hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 7:00 pm Central / 6:30 am – 5:00pm Pacific

Request Support

When a user encounters a situation where assistance is required by Encore’s Client Support Services, the user contacts Client Support Services through our 2 methods: email or online.



What to Include

SUBJECT: Account Name, Module and/or Error Experiencing

  • A screenshot of any errors generated or recording of the issue
  • Current version of the software that you are using and/or Build number
  • Are you aware of any changes to your environment recently?


Inquiries received will be managed by the Client Support Services Dispatcher who generates a case and issues a case number. The contents of the request will be placed in the support queue, evaluated and triaged based on Encore Support Priority Levels.

Support Priority Levels


Upon case creation, an email acknowledgement with case number will be issued to confirm receipt of the request.


Once a consultant is assigned they will connect with you to begin troubleshooting your request. This can include meetings, emails, Portal communications, and phone calls.


The consultant will continue to work the case until a Resolution is reached. Once the issue is resolved or if no further communication from the client is received, the consultant will close the case. A survey regarding your experience will be sent. Please complete so Encore Care can continue to improve your experience.