Support and Maintenance Policies for Encore Applications

An Encore Product client with a current Maintenance Contract in place is entitled to Unlimited support (when initiated through their GP Partner) on their Encore developed product during normal business hours of 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday to Friday exclusive of any statutory Manitoba provincial holiday or Canadian federal holiday.

All Encore Product Support requests should be logged by emailing Please include one of the following priorities in the email subject so that your case is appropriately triaged:

  • Priority 1: Critical – Issue has resulted in a complete outage resulting in a complete loss of
  • Priority 2: High – System is functional; however services are severely degraded, significantly
    affecting business operations.
  • Priority 3: Normal – Issue is non-critical. Systems are functional and users are able to continue
    to run the program with or without a work-around.
  • Priority 4: Low – Feature/function questions relating to non-essential functions.

Clients with an active Maintenance Contract are entitled to:

  • Registration keys at the time of upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Any service pack releases for the currently installed version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • A support ticket response within 4 business hours confirming receipt of support inquiry.

Support Services not covered by this agreement include but are not limited to:

  • The install or implementation of software.
  • End user training*

The annual maintenance fee is calculated based on 20% of the current list price of the software and is effective for a period of 12 months from the annual renewal date. Lapsed fees will be assessed at the rate of 9% after one month; 14% after 3 months and 19% after 1 year to reinstate an expired plan.

*Encore Business Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to request that the user(s) receive training (at standard consulting rates) if support calls are deemed to be the result of lack of training.

Support Updates

Recurring Contract Billing for Invoicing Users: We are no longer supporting or enhancing Recurring Contract Billing for Invoicing. Customers using Recurring Contract Billing for Invoicing on GP2010 will need to move to Sales Order Processing to obtain registration keys for Recurring Contract Billing.

Mass Billing is now part of Subscription Billing (Lite and full featured version). If you are currently using the customization ‘Mass Billing’ please contact when upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Enhanced Customer Statement Users: This product is now being sold as a custom solution and is no longer part of our regular product offering. If you are currently using Enhanced Customer Statement an upgrade fee of $2,775 will be charged when you upgrade to a newer version of Dynamics GP.  Any support, if required, will be billed at the hourly rate of $185 US.